How to Save on Heating? The 10 Tips to Know.

It's getting very cold ...

Your first instinct: turn up the heat. But this is not necessarily the solution!

Find out how to reduce your heating bill, and make great savings, just by changing a few habits in your home.

For 3 winters, I have already saved a lot (to go skiing instead!).

10 tips to save on heating

Don't worry, I'm not suggesting you do a whole new heating installation, my tips work with what you already have at home, be it gas, oil, or electricity.

First, I recommend the Thermal Insulation Guide of Ademe to find out how to properly insulate your interior. I read, I educate myself, I save money!

Identify and fight drafts

Where are those damn drafts that chill your spine?

To spot them, take a candle, a match, a lighter or even an incense stick, it doesn't matter as long as there is a flame. Then pass this flame around windows or doors.

If the flame is repelled by air walking into the room you know there are drafts to be chased away immediately.

And that's where I come in!

1. The "bead" solution

I install a door bead

At the bottom of the doors I put what is called a "bead", which prevents drafts from passing. Those in the shape of a dog are quite funny and above all very efficient.

It is cheap and it works well: why deprive yourself of it?

You can buy one. We recommend this one for example. But nothing prevents you from making one yourself out of newspaper.

Watch: The Unstoppable Trick To Insulate Your Front Door Like a Pro.

2. Silicone

redo the silicone gaskets

I also think of sealing door frames and window frames with silicone.

I do not recommend that you put it on directly with your finger without wetting it first ... silicone sticks! So I wet my finger before fill the joints of my windows with silicone.

You can also use the small spatula which is often provided when you purchase one.

3. Very thick curtains

Put thick curtains

If your curtains look like the ones in the picture, then it's time to invest !

Buying new curtains will cost you less than your heating bill, so fear not. And above all, take some very thick who protect from the cold outside. In addition, it lets the light filter less, and you sleep much better!

4. Double glazing

Install double glazing

Well that's not all. Windows, insulation level is a disaster: we lose 10 times more heat in area than if it were a wall.

The best (no, not living in a cellar) is to think about double glazing which allows you to make great savings.

No need to ruin yourself by using triple glazing which will be 80% more expensive and not more efficient.

5. A hot water bottle

use a hot water bottle

We don't realize all the time enough potential of the hot water bottle.

And yet she is very cheap and she can heat up for a very long time ! This allows you not to turn on your heating for a while, and therefore save money.

So rethink this idea of ​​the hot water bottle. To help you, we even made a little tip specially, which you will find here.

You can even make your own dry hot water bottle by following our advice or buy one here.

6. More efficient radiators

Bleed the radiators

Now to our dear friend the radiator, against which we come to curl up affectionately when we are cold (no I'm not talking about your dear and tender, just the radiator).

I take care of it in bleeding the air from the radiator (when he strangely starts gurgling for example).

To do this, open the purge nozzle (usually on top of radiators), after allowing it to cool, and let the air escape. Once you see the water starting to come out, you are done.

Above all, do not hide it with furniture or linen, especially damp linen (as I often did to dry it), because you lose all the heat. Your laundry is certainly dry, but your room is cold!

7. Aluminum sheets

Put aluminum foil behind the radiator

And for the more do-it-yourselfers: by putting aluminum foils behind the radiator, they return the heat to you instead of heating the wall in depth and making it enjoy the outside.

You can find all the necessary explanations in this tip.

8. Close the shutters

close the shutters in winter

Thinking about closing your shutters and curtains every day at night casually makes a big difference. And it allows you to keep warmth just for yourself.

9. Do not completely turn off your radiator

do not turn off the radiator completely

When I go out I turn down the heat on the radiator, but I don't turn it off completely.

Otherwise that cools the walls and when i turn the radiator back on it must really heat up a lot and my bill too!

If you are going for a long time, put it in "frost free". I also thought of putting a thermostat which regulates the hours of heating. That way, I no longer need to take care of it.

10. Heat to the right temperatures

do not heat the rooms too much

My boiler? 50 to 60 degrees maximum.

Above all, you have to adjust the temperature according to the rooms in the house: it must be warmer in the living room (around 19 degrees max) than in a room where you are already bundled up (17 degrees max).

And no need to fully mount the radiator in the bathroom for example!

Savings made

savings made

No need to change your boiler! Maybe it consumes 30% less than the current one, but the time to amortize it, you have already spent more than three winters! It costs you two years of heating and a good 5 years to see the benefits.

These little tips for saving heating are simple and effective, and once you have taken the habit, your wallet will be more than grateful to you.

No doubt, once tested, you will adopt this new method: between a big heating bill and a romantic dinner at the restaurant with these savings, what do you choose?

Your turn...

Are you already using his tips? Come and testify in the comments. We can't wait to hear from you!

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