12 CHEAP Tips To Easily Makeover Your Home.

Want a change in the decor of your home?

Good idea ! You can make it an even nicer place!

Refreshing the decor at home is fun, easy and cheap ... especially if you follow our tips :-)

We have selected for you 12 super cool ideas to redo the decor of your home without it costing you an arm and a leg.

1st inexpensive decorating ideas to renovate your home

You will see ... Your interior will appear much more chic and modern.

These decorating tips will transform your interior by making it more classy and trendy.

All this without being a DIY pro and without spending a fortune!

Take a look at the photos below and find the one you like the most. Look :

1. Add a frame to the bathroom mirror

a bathroom mirror customized with a frame

A simple frame is enough to give your bathroom a youthful look. It's immediately more chic like that, don't you think?

2. Apply a steel gray paint to your old white fridge.

an old fridge whose white paint is yellowed renovated with a golden paint

A lick of gray paint and presto, you will have a new fridge, without spending much!

3. Hide a ventilation grid with a simple doormat

ventilation grille embellished with an exterior door mat

These rugs that imitate wrought iron are perfect for giving a cool look to those ugly air vents.

4. Add colorful thread pom poms to the bed skirt

colorful pom poms give a bed set a youthful look

Without being an ace at sewing, a few scraps of wool and fabric can completely change the look of your bed. If you don't have one, you can get decorative pom poms here.

5. Make false windows on the garage door

garage door renovated by painting false windows

Does your garage door seem a little sad? It is enough to paint false windows to brighten it up a bit. There you go, you've changed your garage door for the price of a paint bucket.

6. Give your lino a paint

lino painted with black and white paint

Tired of seeing your tired linoleum? No need to redo the entire floor! You will just need this special paint to give your lino a facelift.

7. Use legged curtains to hide the mess

curtains on a shelf hide the contents of a shelf

To hide the contents of your shelves, these curtains with blackout loops are perfect. They are easily installed with simple extendable rods. It also avoids having to buy cabinets!

8. Use gold tape or paint to give the fridge a youthful look.

masking tape is used to decorate an old fridge

Great idea for having a modern fridge, don't you think? To make it, you will need gold paint or gold tape. It's still cheaper than buying a fridge!

9. Dress up the air vents with a lick of paint

metallic spray paint can be used to renovate the ventilation grilles

To give the air vents a facelift, simply use a gold or copper colored spray.

10. Also give the switches a makeover by adding photo frames around them.

photo frames are used to embellish light switches

These photo frames will make all the difference and at a lower cost! It is an economical trick that produces a nice effect.

11. Renovate your old dresser with a new shade

a dresser renovated with a new varnish before and after

To remove the varnish from a dresser, it is not very complicated. Coarse sandpaper should be used. Rub the furniture with it. Remove dust and rub again. Apply one or more coats of brown varnish. There you have it, a brand new chest of drawers!

12. Hide the TV cables with a cable cover

hidden tv cables with a shower rod before and after

Those dangling TV cables aren't great, are they? Do not worry ! No need to install chutes or moldings to hide them. A simple cable cover will do. It's much easier to put on! You can also use this trick to hide cables and wires.

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