Slimming Objective: 11 Extra Light and Really Cheap Recipes!

To lose weight effectively and sustainably, you need to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

The goal is not to lose weight in a few days. But to learn to eat balanced while feasting, depending on the season.

Here is our list of 11 light recipes in calories and prices that will allow you to lose weight while making you happy!

11 inexpensive light slimming recipes

For the aperitif

Do you dread the aperitif time? However, there are light recipes that will allow you to snack in peace.

1. Tuna rillettes with tarragon

tuna rillettes with tarragon light recipe

Ready in 10 minutes, simple to make, they are fresh and deliciously scented. They will amaze your guests every time!

To discover : Simple and Light in Cost, my Tuna Tuna Rillettes!

2. Vegetable-based aperitif

light and inexpensive recipe: aperitif with vegetables

Ready in less than 15 min and childishly simple to make, here is an aperitif made from a variety of vegetables: carrots, cucumbers or even mushrooms for a healthy and crunchy aperitif!

To discover : My Friendly and Economical Aperitif with Vegetables!


After a light aperitif, there's nothing like a starter to whet your appetite!

3. Farandole of melons

light and inexpensive melon farandole recipe

With 1 green melon, 1 yellow melon and 1 watermelon, offer your guests a refreshing and colorful starter ready in 15 min and requiring no particular culinary talent.

To discover : La Farandole de Melons, a Fresh & Cheap Starter That My Guests Love.

4. Quinoa tabbouleh

inexpensive recipe: tabbouleh with quinoa

Do you like the traditional tabbouleh? So, you can only succumb to this revisited version: a light recipe with multiple health benefits (quinoa is rich in vitamins B, C, E and gluten-free)!

To discover : Tabbouleh with Quinoa: an Original and Gluten-Free Recipe!

As a main course

Feasting on low-cost, light-calorie dishes is far from impossible!

5. Spicy prawns

light recipe: prawns with spices

Deliciously flavored with curry and turmeric, these prawns will surprise your friends with their lightness and delicate flavor. An original dish that you will easily make in less than 30 mins.

To discover : My Spicy Gambas at a Very Sweet Price!

6. Chicken with olives

cheap light recipe chicken with olives

This recipe is ideal if you are short on time to cook: 20 mins microwave cooking and you'll be serving up new flavors to your guests in the blink of an eye.

To discover : My Quick and Smart Recipe: My Chicken with Olives in the Microwave!

7. Prawn salad with grapefruit

grapefruit shrimp salad light recipe

Refreshing, low in calories and easy to prepare, here is a salad that can be enjoyed without moderation. Ready in 15 min, it is a safe bet to enjoy the table inexpensively.

To discover : Light and Cheap, my Shrimp Salad with Grapefruit!

And to season our salads, here is a recipe from Low-fat vinaigrette homemade, ready in 5 minutes and made with ingredients that we all have in our kitchen cupboards! Discover this recipe here.

For dessert

It's hard to finish a good meal without a little sweet touch! Here is how to please yourself without feeling guilty.

8. Light chocolate mousse

cheap chocolate mousse recipe

A creamy and airy mousse without added sugar, do you like it? This light version chocolate mousse is a real delight and will only take about 20 minutes to prepare.

To discover : My Secret for a Light and Economical Chocolate Mousse.

9. Strawberry tartare with basil

inexpensive slimming recipe: strawberry tartare with basil

A great classic of my everyday cooking: light, refreshing and deliciously fragrant, it is prepared in 10 minutes and can be enjoyed in ... a few seconds!

To discover : A Refreshing and Economical Dessert: My Strawberry Tartare with Basil.

In drink

Dieting doesn't stop us from sipping a few drinks other than water, so let's make the most of it!

10. Light and inexpensive multivitamin smoothie

A 100% natural mixed fresh fruit cocktail to refuel

A 100% natural mixed fresh fruit cocktail to fill up with vitamins! Here is an ideal drink to perk up.

Ready in 5 minutes, it is as light for your health as it is for your wallet.

To discover : My Multivitamin Smoothie, Light and Economical!

11. Homemade mint syrup

homemade light mint syrup recipe

If there is a classic version to make at home, you can just as easily concoct a light version of this mint syrup by 30 mins thanks to a magic sweetener: stevia.

To discover : The Homemade Mint Syrup Recipe.


And there you have it, you now know the light and inexpensive recipes :-)

All you have to do is treat yourself!

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