9 Appetizers For Parties, Easy and Cheap to Make.

The end-of-year holiday meals are sometimes a real headache to organize.

You have to vary the tastes and flavors, please everyone, not spend too much money, nor spend too much time in the kitchen.

To help you prepare your holiday menus, here are 9 ideas for festive appetizers, easy to make and inexpensive, to give you a little boost.

cheap and easy starter recipes for Christmas

1. The smoked salmon spoons

smoked salmon spoon

Ready in 10 minutes, these smoked salmon appetizer spoons are not only delicious, but add a festive touch to your aperitif.

Inexpensive, they are sure to seduce your guests.

Find the full recipe by clicking here.

2. Saint-Môret ham rolls

Ham rolls at Saint-Môret

Very easy to make, these Saint-Môret ham rolls are tasted in one bite! So do not hesitate to plan large in order to satisfy the appetites of your guests.

Also put your children to work to make these wraps, all little hands are welcome!

Find the full recipe here.

3. Japanese skewers

Japanese cheese skewer

Here is an aperitif starter that will add a little exoticism to your holiday meals.

A very nourishing gourmet recipe that will amaze your family and friends.

Follow here all the steps for making these Japanese skewers with Emmental.

4. Tuna rillettes with tarragon

Simple and light, the tuna rillettes with tarragon take pride of place on each of my festive tables.

In just 10 minutes, you'll be making a fresh and deliciously scented starter.

Find here the recipe for tarragon rillettes.

5. Chorizo-Comté gougères

Chorizo ​​and Comté gougères

Melting in the mouth, soft and slightly spicy, the chorizo ​​and Comté gougères will be unanimous.

They can also be devoured in one bite, so prepare a good quantity!

The recipe for these gougères is here.

6. Tartare verrines with quail eggs and tomatoes

Tomato tartare and quail eggs

Original and refreshing, the tomato tartare with quail eggs served in a verrine is very festive. It will be appreciated for its lightness and low calorie content.

It will also give your table a very chic look.

Find the full recipe here.

7. Toast with foie gras and shallot compote

foie gras and shallots

A New Year's Eve meal without foie gras is hard to imagine. It is one of the flagship products of the end-of-year tables.

Paired with a compote of shallots, served on toast (or even in a spoon), it will remain one of the most appreciated starters by all.

Find here the recipe for foie gras and its shallot compote.

8. Endives stuffed with chicken

Endives stuffed with chicken

A light appetizer starter, easy to make that is enjoyed with great pleasure! The endive leaves can also be garnished with other ingredients of your choice.

Find the full recipe here!

9. Gruyere lollipops

Gruyère lollipops as an aperitif starter

Do you want to please the children? Bet won with these Gruyère lollipops! Between us, I am sure that it will also tempt the older ones.

Discover the recipe for these Gruyère lollipops here.

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