15 Surprising Ways to Reuse Old Wooden Pallets.

Wooden pallets are a real gold mine for DIY enthusiasts!

They are super useful for a lot of good reasons. Which ones?

They aren't hard to find and even damaged pallets can be salvaged for small DIY projects.

As for large pallets, they can be used as a basis for large construction projects.

They can be used to build just about anything. Just take them apart and put them back together to your liking.

original ways to reuse old wooden pallets

As you can see, pallets can be used for any home decorating project. So much so that we wonder if there are still things that we cannot do with wooden pallets!

With so many possibilities, selecting the best ideas was far from easy! But we succeeded!

Here are our 15 favorite ideas for reusing pallets. Look :

1. In bed base

A bed base made with pallets

Do the words hammer, nails and wooden planks leave you uninspired? So here's the solution, even for a Sunday handyman. Use undamaged pallets to create a box spring for your bed. Remove any splinters of wood and apply a good dose of paint for a quick and easy makeover.

2. In a swing

how to make a sofa swing with pallet

When securely attached to a tree or porch ceiling, a pallet transforms into an original swing. Add a few cushions and this is a great place to relax. You can vary the size and add all the options you want! This pallet swing is infinitely customizable!

3. In wine rack

wine rack made of pallets

Have you found a damaged pallet? No problem, here's an idea that doesn't require a lot of wood: the wine rack. Keep wood bars in good condition and easily create a rack or shelf to store bottles.

4. In sandbox

how to build sandbox with pallets

Personalize your children's sandbox! You can put together pallets to create a play area, benches to sit on, and even a roof for the rain. Use a sturdy tarp to keep the sand in the bin.

5. At the head of the bed

make headboard with pallet wood

A pallet bed base doesn't require too much work, but a headboard like this does require a bit more effort. It is necessary to deconstruct the pallets and then reassemble them. But the result is incredible!

6. In a shoe rack

how to make shoe rack with pallet

Simply put a pallet upright, and there you have it with a shoe rack! This trick also works for pots, pans and boots. Cut the palette to the appropriate size and, if desired, personalize it with a coat of paint of your choice.

7. In a cat basket

The cat basket made with pallets

Don't forget your pet! Cats and dogs love having a place of their own that is clean. Your children will enjoy helping you create a basket for their favorite companion.

8. In raised garden

raised vegetable garden made with pallets

Whether you have a green thumb or not, you can still use pallets to create a raised vegetable patch. This will help you organize your vegetables and herbs easily. No more bending down or labeling your crops. Clever, isn't it?

9. As a simple and original bench

make a bench with pallets

It couldn't be easier to make a bench with pallets. And it's perfect for beginners! And when you're done, you can easily move on to harder and craft a table.

10. Shelf for the kitchen

make a bench with pallets

If storage is a priority in your kitchen, a pallet can do the trick. But it can also have a double utility. Attached to the wall, it can become both a rustic shelf to put your dishes and a piece of furniture to hang your pots.

11. Screen

A screen made with pallets

With only 4 pallets and a little paint, you can make an original screen. Put plants in it and use it indoors or outdoors. It's ideal for privacy or just perfect for an outdoor shower by the pool.

12. In original parquet

make parquet with pallet

Recycled wood floors are popular in decor for their aged look. But sometimes they are very expensive. Recycled pallets can be disassembled and processed to mimic the look of aged wood like in old workshops, cabins deep in the forest and other similar places ...

13. On the outdoor terrace

A terrace made with pallets

Building a complete patio requires having made a plan and being an experienced builder. You can complete this project with additional materials, but pallets can form the basis of this new deck.

14. In jewelry holder

make jewelry display rack with pallets

The structure and the wooden slats of a pallet are ideal for displaying your jewelry. Attach it securely to the wall, or simply lay it against the wall on a dresser. And here is a superb display for jewelry and trinkets without further transformation :-)

15. In a cabin

make hut with pallets

For more ambitious DIYers, building a complete cabin can be a super challenge. You will need a very precise architectural plan and a lot of pallets to make the base of your cabin. With some improvements, the structure could even serve as a potential guesthouse. This cabin in the photo is an example of a cabin designed by an American architectural firm, used as a rescue station. Not bad is not it ?

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