What to do to relieve an ophthalmic migraine?

Ophthalmic migraines can affect anyone.

It is a real nightmare because the drugs for the headache do not work in this case.

Fortunately, there are natural remedies. Here is a list of solutions to relieve these pains.

Ophthalmic migraine headaches often occur after exposure to strong, aggressive light, an overly noisy environment, or are due to heat and / or stress.

how to relieve ophthalmic migraines


The symptoms are very characteristic: intense headaches with sensations of pulsations in the skull, visual disturbances (flickering disturbing the sight), sometimes accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

The symptoms do not present themselves suddenly, we can feel them gradually settling in.

So what should be done in this case?

1. Isolate yourself in peace

Sit in the dark if possible or with dim light as much as possible. Noise and light tire our brain and prevent total rest.

2. Take medication

Do not forget to take a pill against headaches at the first feeling of discomfort. If you are not allergic, aspirin is ideal for this. The sooner you take it, the greater the chances of the pain going away quickly.

3. Massage your temples

Breathe in and out deeply to relax. There are mentholated roll-ons, sold in pharmacies, which are passed on the temples. The cold effect of mint can have a calming effect.

4. Wait

Unfortunately, we can only wait for it to pass, calmly. There is no point in getting upset. Our migraine will go away as it came, although at times it can seem like it goes on forever.

Ophthalmic migraines can be really disabling. If you are sensitive and suffer from it regularly, chances are you need glasses. These migraines are very physically demanding and total rest is really your best ally.

Your turn...

If you too suffer from ophthalmic migraines and know some simple tips for relieving yourself, come share them in the comments. We can't wait to hear from you!

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