The Tip To Restore Absorbing Power to Your Towels.

Over the washings, bath towels lose their absorption power.

Why ? This is largely due to the dosage of the detergent.

The dosages indicated on the detergent packets are much higher than the amount actually needed.

As a result, detergent residue builds up inside the fibers, causing the towels to lose their absorbency.

The solution is to use white vinegar and baking soda to give them a second youth:

Use white vinegar and baking soda to restore the absorbent power of the towels

How to do

1. Wash your towels with 2 hot wash cycles, but WITHOUT using detergent or fabric softener.

2. For the first cycle, replace the detergent with 250 ml of white vinegar.

3. For the second cycle, use 115g of baking soda.


There you go, your towels have regained their absorbency.

And in addition, they will not smell bad anymore :-)

Your towels become soft and absorbent again. No need to buy more!

Simple, practical and efficient!

Plus, it's economical, because you don't need to buy fabric softener.

Your turn...

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