Ultra Thirst-Quenching and Ready in 5 Min: The Homemade Lemonade Recipe.

You're hot ? Fancy a refreshing drink?

Here is the most thirst-quenching drink: homemade lemonade!

Don't worry, this recipe is super easy to make.

In addition, this recipe is super economical, all it takes is a lemon.

Here's how to make your homemade lemonade in just 5 minutes. Look :

lemonade refreshing drink homemade recipe

How to do

1. Take a large organic lemon if possible.

2. Squeeze it with a lemon squeezer.

3. Put 1/3 of lemon juice in a glass.

4. Add 2/3 fresh water.

5. Sweeten to a minimum.


And There you go ! Your ultra thirst-quenching homemade lemonade is already ready :-)

It is the ideal drink of great thirst for the whole family!

This drink is perfect for people who pay attention to their figure because it is very light with only 29 calories per 100 g.


This homemade lemonade is full of virtues and benefits for your health.

Indeed, it invigorates you if you drink it hot and will be stimulating if you take it cold.

And in addition, this lemonade is also a remedy, because it aids digestion.

Bonus tip

To enjoy all the benefits of lemon, you can also mix the juice with the pulp and zest, then dilute and refrigerate before drinking.

For a small variation, add lavender to your lemonade, and serve chilled. Look :

lavender lemonade recipe

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