How To Get Rid Of Betadine Stains Without Leaving Traces.

To treat small wounds, Betadine is practical, because it does not sting.

On the other hand, Betadine stains ... And I can tell you that it is among the most difficult stains to remove!

Fortunately, there are simple and effective tips for removing betadine or eosin stains without damaging textiles.

here is 4 quick and easy tips to remove a betadine stain without leaving any traces. Look :

A bottle of betadine with stain to clean WITHOUT Leaving Traces.

1. Alcohol at 70 °

To remove the Betadine stain, soak it in 70 ° alcohol, on the back and the side of the garment.

You will see the stain disappear in just a few minutes.

Then, soak the garment in a basin of soapy water and rub the area of ​​the stain vigorously.

It only remains to rinse and machine wash as usual.

2. Dakin

Dakin or Dakin water is an antiseptic solution that is colorless and does not sting ...

... which makes them generally the best friend of mothers to treat children's ailments.

Who would have believed it, an antiseptic gets rid of the stains of another antiseptic!

If you have stained Betadine on a light piece of clothing, use a few drops of Dakin water to soak up the stain.

Leave on for about 10 minutes, rinse and machine wash as usual.

Be careful, Dakin water can discolor fabrics, so it should only be used on white textiles.

3. White vinegar

The great classic of natural stain removers: white vinegar.

Soak the stained garment overnight in a basin with 250 ml of white vinegar and 1.5 liters of water.

The next day, rinse and machine normally.

If you have dropped Betadine on the floor, consider using white vinegar (except on marble).

4. Liquid Spasfon

Here is the trick nurses use when they stain their betadine gown: Spasfon blisters.

You know this medicine that relieves stomach aches.

It is available over the counter in pharmacies and will help you overcome these spots.

Simply soak the stain with the Spasfon, leave to act and machine wash.


How to remove betadine stains with 70 ° alcohol

And there you have it, you now know how to remove a mark of Betadine without leaving a trace :-)

In any case, know that the most important thing to remove a Betadine stain is to act quickly.

Why ? Because a dry stain is much more difficult to remove.

These tips work for all types of fabric and clothing: shirt, t-shirt, jeans, blouse ... and even on the skin.

Your turn...

Have you tried these grandmother's tips for getting rid of Betadine stains? Tell us in the comments if it worked for you. We can't wait to hear from you!

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