10 Unstoppable Tips to Get Rid of Cat Hair.

You have a cat and you love it, your fat Matou.

But he has the annoying habit of leaving his hair everywhere?

Well yes, cats, dogs and all furry animals have the same problem.

Here are 10 unstoppable tips to get rid of Félix's hair (and Médor, or Capucine ...).

tips for easily removing hair from cats and dogs

1. Dish gloves

Unstoppable tip on sofas and carpets: the washing-up glove. Almost no hair resists him.

You can discover this trick by clicking here.

2. An adhesive brush

It's a bit the same principle as the glove. It's a roller that looks like a round brush, with sticker paper on it.

By using it once or twice a week in the places where Felix goes to bed most often, you can overcome it. A brush + 6 refills, it can cost less than 4 €.

3. The vacuum cleaner

We tend to vacuum once or twice a week, the other days the broom, to go faster.

But when you have a furry animal at home, it is better to always vacuum it.

4. The electrostatic brush

This brush is not self-adhesive paper but plastic. You can use it on the sofa, clothes and rugs without any problem.

It costs around € 7.

5. Ironing

Ironing your clothes helps you remove cat hair that has stuck on it. In fact, when moistened, the hairs are removed better.

6. A sponge

A barely moistened sponge passed over your clothes will remove hair dramatically.

7. A washcloth

A bit like a washing-up glove, the washcloth that you moisten collects the hairs in a heap: you just have to throw them away.

If you prefer, you can use your window squeegee.

8. An old pantyhose

Have you spun or had a hole in your tights? Do not throw it away. Slip it over your hand and run it over surfaces that contain hair. Guaranteed result in 3 minutes flat.

You can discover this trick by clicking here.

9. The packing tape

You know ... the big brown scotch. Well yes, you had to think about it. Wrap it around your hand and rub the hairy areas. They stick to it.

10. Fabric softener

If you prefer the softness that will leave a good smell on your fabrics, use a sprayer in which you put as much fabric softener as water.

Spray your fabrics then wipe with a soft cloth.

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