21 Amazing Uses of Chalk You Should Know.

Are you used to flipping through the pages of interior design magazines?

So you know that chalk and blackboards have left the classroom to invest the living room (but also the dining room, the kitchen, the office, etc.).

If you have kids, you've probably had the garden paths or the sidewalk in front of your house decorated with chalk masterpieces.

But the utility of these soft limestone sticks isn't just for decorating your home. They have plenty of other handy uses!

21 amazing uses for chalk

Here are 21 amazing uses for chalk that we found while researching the web. Look :

1. Removes grease stains

remove a grease stain with chalk

Rub chalk on the stained area and let sit for 10 min. This helps to absorb the fat. Before putting your garment in the washing machine, wipe off excess chalk dust.

2.Cleans dirty shirt collars

clean shirt collars with chalk

Vigorously rub the stain with white chalk. The chalk will absorb the fat from the dirt. Let sit for at least 10 minutes, then wash as usual.

3. Removes grease stains from suede

chalk cleans stains on the suede

Crush the chalk and sprinkle the powder on the grease stain. Leave on for 1 night. Then, in the morning, brush to remove the chalk powder. Yes, chalk dust also absorbs the grease on suede (also called suede).

4. Prevents mildew and odors in the laundry basket

put chalk in the dirty cloth to avoid bad smells

Place several pieces of chalk in a plastic bag that can be closed. Put this open bag in the bottom of the dirty laundry bin. The chalk will absorb moisture from wet clothes, preventing bad odors from spreading and preventing mold. Replace the chalk with new ones once a month.

5. Prevents silver cutlery from losing their shine

use chalk so that the silver does not tarnish

Put chalk where you store your silver cutlery. It will prevent mold from spreading and silver from tarnishing.

6. Prevents jewelry from tarnishing

chalk protects your jewelry

A piece of chalk in your jewelry box will keep silver adornments and jewelry from tarnishing. The chalk absorbs the sulfur compounds inside the jewelry box before they tarnish them.

7. Cleans pewter

chalk is used to clean tin

Make a paste by mixing powdered chalk and vodka. Rub on the tin, rinse it and polish it.

8. Prevents mold in cupboards

chalk prevents mold from forming in cupboards

Put a packet of chalk in a cupboard and any mold that can grow will be gone.

9. Help to rearrange your interior

chalk helps you redecorate your interior

Chalk is a great way to get a better idea of ​​what a new arrangement of a room would look like. Just mark the floor with chalk that you can erase later. This will allow you to take a step back and see if your decorating ideas are working before you start moving the furniture.

10. To sand a surface evenly

chalk helps sand

Rub chalk over the surface you want to sand. Sand until everything is gone. There you go, you end up with a perfectly smooth surface!

11. Prevents rust in the toolbox

put chalk in the toolbox to prevent rust

As chalk absorbs moisture, put a handful of chalk pieces in your toolbox. It will help you prevent rust on your tools.

12. Prevents screwdrivers from slipping

a red screwdriver

Rub chalk on the flat head of a screwdriver to keep it from slipping when screwing.

13. Instantly repairs small holes in walls

put chalk on the holes in the walls

Looking for a quick fix to repair small nicks and scuffs on your walls? Find a piece of chalk that matches the color of the paint on your wall. Just run chalk over the small holes and scuffs.

14. Barrier to ants

chalk scares away ants

For some reason ants hate crossing chalk lines. Make it around your doors, your windows and on all the usual passages of ants to make them barrier.

15. Instantly whitens your nails

use chalk to whiten your nails

Rub a nail brush over the white chalk, then rub the brush under the fingernails. Repeat if necessary. The bristles of the brush will dislodge and remove dirt from under the nails while the chalk makes your nails look fresh, clean and manicured.

16. Makes metal and marble shine

chalk makes marble and metal shine

In a small bowl, crush a few pieces of chalk (color does not matter) into a fine powder. Soak a soft cloth and dip it in the crushed chalk. Gently rub the dull metal or marble with the soaked cloth. Rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry. The chalk granules are just abrasive enough to remove dirt without damaging the finish.

17. Drag the keys that hang

a bunch of keys in a lock

The key to your door hangs in the lock? Rub a piece of chalk along the teeth and tip of the wrench. Then insert the key into the lock several times. The chalk will coat any tiny dirt in the lock and absorb the moisture.

18. Facilitates the installation of a lock

chalk makes it easier to install a lock

To know exactly where to put a lock on the door, chalk the inside of the equipment. Then close the door. The chalk will mark the exact location of the bolts, locks, etc.

19. Hide the marks on the ceiling

the chalk hides the traces on the ceiling

Until you have time to repaint or fix this little problem, the chalk will hide any scuffs or marks on the ceiling made by water leaks. Just rub a stick of white chalk over the mark until it is less visible or gone.

20. To create patterned paper

make patterned paper with chalk

Crush a few pieces of colored chalk in a bowl of water, then dip a piece of paper in the water. Let it dry. Finish by passing a little hairspray.

21. To make new chalks

make new chalks with old chalks

And finally ... you can take leftover pieces of chalk that are no longer usable and make more chalk out of them! Just crush them and mix them with water. Pour into a mold and let dry.

If it's too thick to write with, kids can use it like sidewalk chalk. Add some powdered paint to make the colored chalk.

Are you out of chalk? You can get it here. Admit that it's still very practical!

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