The Homemade Febreze Recipe (That Only Costs A Few Pennies!).

Do you like your home to smell good? Me too !

But it is true that between the smells of the dog (or the cat), the kitchen or the toilets ...

It doesn't always smell like roses at home!

But no question of buying Febreze! Not only is it not cheap, but it's also full of chemicals.

Fortunately, here is the quick and easy recipe for 100% natural Febreze.

This homemade recipe is super effective and only costs a few pennies to make. Look :

The 100% natural homemade febrezz recipe that costs just a few cents!

What you need

- 30 g of baking soda

- 10 drops of essential oil of your choice

- 300 ml of water

- 1 spray bottle

How to do

the quick and easy recipe to make a natural, non-toxic homemade air freshener

1. Pour the water into the spray.

2. Add the baking soda.

3. Shake the spray well to dissolve the baking soda.

4. Add the drops of essential oil.


homemade air freshener for clothes

And there you have it, your 100% natural and non-toxic homemade Febreze is already ready :-)

Easy, fast and efficient, isn't it?

Now all you have to do is spray your natural deodorant in all the rooms of the house.

It works equally well for the kitchen, bedrooms, living room and WC.

And if ever there are smokers in your home, hop out of your anti-tobacco deodorant spray to naturally eliminate tobacco odors.

Plus, it's downright cheaper to make a homemade air freshener than to buy it.

A Febreze deodorant costs € 7 while making it yourself, it only costs a few cents!

Why does it work?

 homemade natural deodorant for toilet

Unlike commercial deodorants, baking soda eliminates bad odors.

Why ? Because he doesn't just hide them. it actually eliminates them! Suddenly, it cleans the air and deodorizes perfectly.

As for essential oils, they pleasantly perfume the interior.

But they also very often have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and even anti-parasitic properties. They therefore help to clean up the interior.

Additional advice

You can choose the essential oil you like to make this homemade air freshener.

Whatever your preference, it is better to choose organic essential oils.

Here is a mini-guide to help you combine a scent you like with one of the many properties of essential oils:

- Tea tree: antibacterial, antifungal. Be careful, the smell of tea tree is very strong.

- Lemon : antibacterial. Fresh and stimulating smell.

- Lavender : antibacterial, antifungal, de-stressing. Flowery scent.

- Pepper mint : antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, stimulating, helps digestion. Fresh and sustained fragrance. Warning not suitable for pregnant women, babies or children.

- Ylang ylang : antiparasitic, anti-infective, relaxing, sexual stimulant. Floral and spicy scent. Warning not suitable for pregnant women, babies or children.

- Palmarosa: antibacterial, antifungal. Flowery fragrance.

- Atlas Cedar: antibacterial, antiparasitic. Woody scent. Warning not suitable for pregnant women, babies or children.

- Ravintsara: antibacterial. Sweet and spicy scent.

Why make your home deodorant?

Did you know that household products pollute the interior of our homes?

They are even more dangerous for the lungs than cigarettes! You do not believe me ? Then read this article.

According to a survey of 60 million consumers, household products contain substances that are allergenic, irritant, corrosive and harmful to the environment.

Industrial deodorants for the home are no exception to this sad fact.

By making a homemade deodorant, we know exactly what products to put in it. And these are only 100% natural, non-toxic products.

To sum up, making your own deodorant at home is more economical, natural and just as effective. CQFD!

Your turn...

Have you tried this grandmother's recipe to make your homemade air freshener? Tell us in the comments if it worked for you. We can't wait to hear from you!

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