The Trick To Give A Second Life To Dry Felt.

Children love markers for coloring and drawing beautiful drawings.

Unfortunately, the markers are often forgotten under the bed and without a stopper!

As a result, the felt no longer works because it has dried out.

To give it a second life, the trick is to dip the tip of the felt in white vinegar:

How to do

1. Pour a little white vinegar into a glass. Just enough to cover the tip of the felt.

2. Put the felt in it, the tip in the vinegar.

3. Leave on for 5 min.

4. Remove the felt from the glass and close the cap.

5. Wait 10 minutes to be able to use it again.


And there you have it, you've given felt a second life :-)

Your children will be able to continue using it for a while.

Your turn...

Have you tried this economical trick to give a second life to a dry felt? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can't wait to hear from you!

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