No Longer Need to Buy Deo! Use White Vinegar instead.

Are you used to buying deodorant at the supermarket?

It is true that it is practical to eliminate the odors of perspiration.

The concern is that it is not cheap ...

... and in addition the deodorants contain substances harmful to health!

Fortunately, there is an equally effective natural alternative that costs next to nothing!

The trick is touse white vinegar instead of deodorant. Look :

use white vinegar instead of deodorant to fight perspiration odors

How to do

1. Take a washcloth.

2. Pour white vinegar directly onto the glove.

3. Pass it under the armpits.

4. Let your armpits dry before getting dressed.

5. Rinse the washcloth under warm water.


There you go, never need to buy deodorant to eliminate odors :-)

You will see, it works even better than the anti-perspirant deodorant!

And don't worry, after a few seconds the smell of white vinegar will disappear completely.

Do not use this trick if you have just shaved your armpits, otherwise it will sting!

Why does it work?

White vinegar has the power to change the pH of the armpits.

This feature has the effect of gradually preventing odors from developing under the arms.

The more you use white vinegar on a daily basis, the more this trick will work wonders.

Therefore, try to use white vinegar for 1 week at least to see the first results.

What users say

"Thank you very much for sharing this tip on using vinegar and water to prevent bad armpit odor. I have almost always had this type of problem and have tried almost every product on the site. Nothing really eliminated that unpleasant odor.

When I read your vinegar thing, I tried it. It was a miracle. I can now go out on a hot day, exercise and get through the day without smelling bad. It's amazing and cheap! "

Your turn...

Have you tried this little trick to mask the smell of sweat? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can't wait to hear from you!

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