10 Tips from Stéphane Plaza To Better Sell Your Home.

Are you trying to sell your house but the visits are unsuccessful?

You have not yet put your house up for sale but want to do so?

Don't wait for Stéphane Plaza from the "Maison à Vente" show to come to your aid.

Here are 10 tips to follow that he would surely have advised you!

Before having a buyer's signature at the bottom of the promise to sell, there are a few things to know to make your apartment or house even more attractive.

10 Tips from Stéphane Plaza To Better Sell Your Home.

The real estate competition is tough, so to sell your property at the best price, these DIY tips will take you little time and should earn you a lot!

Discover our 11 tips that will make the difference to make YOUR home the falling for something of all visits.

1. Choose a minimalist style

We all personalize our home, it's our cozy little nest.

But when it comes to selling your home, you have to look at it differently. Put yourself in your buyer's shoes.

The photos, the trinkets accumulated over time, the children's drawings are all signs that he is not at home.

Yet what will trigger the crush of your buyer (and the sale of your home) is that he feels there already at home.

To do this, rid each room of any overly personalized decoration:

- In the living room, clear the coffee table of trinkets, old magazines, the ashtray. On the sofa, remove this old floral plaid and replace it with a plain plaid with neutral shades in harmony with those of your house (mouse gray, off-white, chocolate).

- In the bathroom, take off the bathrobes hanging on the door, the makeup lying around. You can even remove almost any beauty product. In the shower cabin, only leave a shampoo and put a new soap. On the sink, remove the terracotta soap dish your daughter made for Mother's Day and replace it with a light wood soap dish.

- In the children's room, we will have to remove the drawings and posters from the walls, remove all the toys and fluff, replace the groundsheet on which is printed a circuit of small cars with a classic, plain carpet. In the children's room, the buyer must be able to imagine a guest room, his own room if it is large or his future office. Leaving a childish decoration can be highly penalizing.

- In the marital room, the decor must be as neutral as possible so that the couple can project themselves into it. A plain, neutral-colored bedspread (white, off-white, black, chocolate, or gray) is the best way to keep your chances of finding a buyer quickly and at the right price.

Likewise, if you have any odds and ends on the nightstand, get rid of it completely. The bedside lamp should be as neutral as possible. Change the kitsch shade and replace it with a plain fabric shade. Pick up the children's pictures and pictures from the walls and remove any furniture that may clutter the room if you can.

What to remember: chis tip is the most economical to sell your property well. So if your apartment looks like a hotel, the mission is accomplished.

2. Everything must be perfect for visits

No need to visit if your house is not impeccable in terms of cleanliness.

Impossible for the buyer to plan if the house seems poorly maintained. It often hides larger work to be done.

Rather than making a bad impression, here are a few tips that will help you do a big spring cleaning:

- I use a natural multi-use disinfectant to clean everything at a shock price and don't forget to always have these 5 really economical products for cleaning my whole house

- I start my spring cleaning with the bathroom.

- I continue with a spring cleaning of the living room and bedrooms.

- And I end with my terrace if I have the chance to have one.

Bonus tip

Perfume your home so that it smells fresh using these 2 very effective tips.

Start by deodorizing your home by heating some spices. Find out more.

Then perfume it using your vacuum cleaner. Find out more.

3. Under the Right Light Anything Can Look Extraordinary

This quote from Aaron Rose applies very well to selling your home.

To make your interior really attractive, two simple and yet so effective steps:

• Dust off your bulbs to benefit from maximum brightness. Find out how to do it here.

• A good cleaning of the windows is also very useful to find a maximum of luminosity. For this, white vinegar works miracles at a low price.

What you need to know: asee 3 points of light per room positioned in a triangle allows optimal lighting. If your rooms are not sufficiently lit, after these 2 tips, we advise you to add lighting.

4. Appearances are NOT Deceiving

Contrary to the old saying, when you want to sell your apartment or house well, appearances are not deceiving and the first impression is ALWAYS the right one.

At first glance, your potential buyer will know if they want to continue the visit. So that you don't get disgusted before you have walked through the front door, here are some easy-to-do things that will increase your chances of finding a buyer.

• Repair the gate of your property (Garage or entrance to the Garden)

• Repaint the front door of your house

• Clean your doormat with our super efficient trick (here's how)

5. Mirror, My Beautiful Mirror ...

You like to look at yourself quietly in your mirror. Well, the person who visits your house is going to be looking in your mirror as well. This is also one of the little-known points but the buyer almost feels at home if he appreciates looking at himself in your mirror!

So put the mirrors in value to be sure to please him.

To start, give them a little cleaning up if you haven't already. Here's how to make them shine naturally.

If your mirrors are worn or old, frame them. For a chic and vintage look, paint the frame.

For the living room, if you used a chocolate colored plaid, use the same color for the mirror frame. The same goes for the bedspread in the bedroom.

For the bathroom, choose a color that matches that of your bathroom furniture.

6. Would You Lie Down On Your Carpet?

If the answer is no, then you still have a little work to do before the tours begin.

It is important to clean the carpet on a daily basis to drive out its mites and get rid of its bad odors. But when you show your house to sell it, it's downright essential.

To make your life easier, here is our little secret tip for cleaning your carpet quickly.

Bonus tip:

There are cigarette hole type burns on your carpet. Should have said it earlier. This tip should allow you to pass the visits without a hitch. Read here to find out more.

7. Are the Seals Smoked? Refresh them Quickly!

If your tile joints are dirty, that's the guaranteed bad impression. And I know if you've read this far it's not what you want.

To give them a facelift, whether they are nickels like the first day, we have a very economical grandma's tip that you should like. Discover it here.

8. The Walls you will Refresh and the Wallpaper you will Paint!

Do you have pink paint on the walls? It's a choice. Each his own. To be sure that each visitor can see themselves in your house and imagine what they will be able to do with it when they live there, we advise you to repaint your walls in white.

White gives more luminosity, it is the neutral color par excellence and it will give your interior a facelift. 3 reasons to take out the brushes.

Likewise, the wallpaper in the children's room with toy cars and rockets on the walls or the floral wallpaper in the 70s-style bedroom will not make your visitors feel at home. For that, same remedy, a blow of blank and it's good!

9. A Designer Kitchen Is Easier Than You Think.

Your Kitchen is a little dated, and when it comes time to resell your house, this is a point on which your visitors will tick.

Today it is essential that your kitchen is a minimum modern and attractive so that the sale of your home is assured.

Start for that with repaint your kitchen furniture, cupboards and drawers in a trendy color: white, mouse gray, chocolate or even black.

Before repainting, it is advisable, so that the work is as clean as possible, to strip the furniture well.

If your splashback is a bit old, don't hesitate to put a lick of paint on it, it's always cheaper than changing it.

My bonus tip:

For really poorly equipped kitchens, buy used equipment rather than new.

10. My Garden, My haven of peace

If your garden is more of a slum than a small corner of Zen greenery, it is high time to take out the mower and to put some order in all that.

Do you have a corner of greenery? This is a huge selling point. Don't make it a handicap by leaving it fallow in the sight of potential buyers.

Put away all that is lying around, pass the mower, cut the hedges, remove the dead leaves, water it if necessary.

Discover 2 tips for a garden that highlights your home:

- Wet the flower beds just before the visits to make them prettier to look at.

- To weed your garden quickly, here is our tip.

If you have other easy tips to better sell your house or apartment, share them in the comments so that all our readers can benefit.

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