The Simple Tip To Easily Maintain A Leather Bag.

You like your leather bag ... but it's getting old.

Leather, it's true, you have to maintain it very regularly.

It can get dirty or discolored over time.

Fortunately, there is a very simple trick to cleaning a dirty leather bag.

No need to buy products to renovate leather!

To wash an old leather bag, just use water, vinegar, egg white and white spirit. Look :

Wash your leather bag with water and vinegar, turpentine and an egg white

What you need

- rags

- White vinegar

- turpentine

- An egg white

How to do

1. Get a clean cloth.

2. In a small container, put a volume of vinegar.

3. Add a volume of water.

Note: white vinegar and water should be added in equal parts.

4. Mix.

5. Soak the cloth with this lotion.

6. Rub the bag vigorously and methodically with the cloth.

7. Take another clean, dry cloth.

8. Dry the leather.

9. In a bowl, pour the white of one egg.

10. Add a tablespoon of turpentine.

11. Mix.

12. Take another clean cloth.

13. Gently rub your bag with this mixture.


And there you have it, the maintenance of your leather bag is finished :-)

See how it has taken on a facelift thanks to you ...

Our tip will make your bag look better and extend its life by a few years.

In this way, the treatment restores suppleness and prolongs the life of the leather. And your beautiful Longchamp bag will be like new!


- Before completely cleaning your bag in this way, test a very small part of the bag that is not visible, especially if the leather is camel or light in color. If your leather reacts well, without leaving a trace, you can clean your entire bag with this trick.

- This grandma's trick for washing leathers is not suitable for faux leather bags or suede bags.

Savings made

To maintain your leather bag, you did not need very complicated products. And even less expensive products!

An egg white, some turpentine, a little vinegar, and some rags ... the total cost of our tip does not exceed 10 euros.

Whereas if you had been looking for specialist creams or balms to maintain your bag, you would have walked off the supermarket shelves with easily € 15 less in your wallet.

And as you know, the maintenance of leather goods is done several times a year. Multiply ... and you have the amount of savings.

Not to mention the fact that you didn't have to buy another bag, which would have cost you even more!

Your turn...

Have you tried this economical tip for cleaning and maintaining your leather bag? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can't wait to hear from you!

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