15 Sewing Tips Your Grandma Should Have Taught You.

If you've been sewing for a while, you surely have your own little tricks.

But for those of us who are just starting out, it is often the obstacle course ...

Because no one gave us tips that could simplify our work.

So, both for amateurs and amateurs, here is 15 Sewing Tips Your Grandma Should Have Taught You

And some are so obvious that you'll be hallucinating that you hadn't thought about them sooner. Look :

15 grandma's tips for easy sewing

1. Fill a pincushion with steel wool to sharpen your needles.

make your needle ball easily

2. Use Washi tape to make sewing easier.

use washi paper to visualize the seams

Washi tape or masking tape is super useful for sewing! It can be used to mark the fabric, visualize the seams or make a bias easily. Indispensable for everyone!

3. Use the zigzag trick to make gathers easily

make gathers easily

Here's how to make gathers easily using the zigzag method. Just sew a large zigzag stitch over a thicker cotton thread. Then, pull the thread to gather the fabric. Finally, sew a straight stitch to keep the gathers in place.

4. Use weights to hold the fabric easily

how to avoid pinning the fabric with weights

Tired of pinning the fabric? So use the weight method which is much simpler. To do this, make your own weights using steel washers and gluing them together with a hot glue gun. You can even decorate them with fabric over them! You just have to put on the different weights to keep the fabric in place. Awesome, isn't it?

5. Use this trick to make hemming easily

how to hem easily

It's never easy to hem the right size. To make it easier for you, make yourself a cardboard tool. Simply draw lines of the size you need on a piece of cardboard and slide it under the fabric before ironing. And there you have it, you have marked a perfectly straight crease. It only remains to sew it

6. Use nail polish to hold pimples

hold a button with colorless varnish

After you sew a button, cover it with a layer of clear nail polish. This prevents the thread from fraying and keeps the button in place for much longer. Check out the trick here.

7. Use notepads to keep your hands free

use note clips to hold tissues together

Use note clips to hold multiple fabrics together and keep your hands free. Ideal for example for a patchwork. Find all our tips with note clips here.

8. Use a pin to open a buttonhole without going too far.

how to easily open a buttonhole

To open a buttonhole without going too far, put a pin perpendicular to the end of the buttonhole. It's that simple ! It only remains to open it using a small pair of scissors. No more risk of opening it too much!

9. How to make a buttonhole easily

how to make a buttonhole easily with a sewing machine

Speaking of buttonholes, you might find it too hard to do, right? To help you, use this tutorial to make them in a few easy sewing machine steps.

10. Stick your needles in soap

stick the pins in soap so that they slide

Why stick your pins in a piece of soap? Well know that by greasing them, it will help them to pass much more easily through the fabric.

11. Hang two pencils together to draw a seam allowance.

draw double seams with 2 pencils

Need to make a seam allowance that is the same width? To do this, hang 2 pencils together with a rubber band. This allows you to draw 2 parallel lines to materialize the seam allowance. Using this trick, know that the pencils will be spaced approximately 8mm apart.

12. Use a toe divider to store your spools of thread.

tidy spools of thread in toe separator

Tired of reels that are unraveled? Fortunately, there is a great trick to store them easily. Just keep them stuck in a foam toe separator. You know, those things that are useful for those who put varnish on the toenails of their toes.

13. Use paper clips to hold the leather without making a hole

how to hold 2 pieces of leather without pinning

Stop! You do not pin leather otherwise you will have lots of small holes everywhere. So how do you do it? Use large paper clips to hold the pieces of leather securely together.

14. How to find the direction of the fabric easily

how to find the direction of the fabric

The fabric should be cut along the grain line, that is, lengthwise. Why ? Because it is its strongest meaning. If you don't know how to find the right fabric sense, check out this super simple tutorial.

15. Use a lace-up to pull a cord easily

use a lace-up to pull a rubber band

Use a lace-up loop to easily pull the elastic or drawstring of a belt. You can also use it to pass a hood cord that has been trunked.

Your turn...

Have you tried these grandma's sewing tips? Tell us in the comments if it worked for you. We can't wait to hear from you!

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