Cardboard, an inexpensive and trendy decoration tip.

A nice and trendy trick to easily and free decorate your interior is to reuse cardboard to make decorative objects.

The thing with thecardboard is that you can modify and personalize it at will very easily, including with your children.

It is a fun material to decorate. Look :

cardboard decoration

How to do

You can, for example, cut out your cardboard in the shape of a sheep or an elephant, then color it or glue some magazine clippings on it.

The most important thing is to give free rein to your imagination to find cool shapes, and cleverly decorate your interior or the children's room.

The more talented can also get into furniture making. To inspire you and help you realize your ideas, I recommend this book full of cool tutorials for making cardboard furniture.

Savings made

Even for decorating your home, you have to know how to be a shrewd clever stingy by reusing cardboard from boxes or parcels, for example.

Instead of buying ready-made decorative objects, consider collecting cardboard for free to make decorative objects.

This trick is a cool trick to save money and enjoy a trendy and unique decoration at home.

Your turn...

Have you ever used cardboard to decorate your interior? Tell us in the comments what you did. We can't wait to hear from you!

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