How To Do Yoga At Home For Free And Without A Teacher?

Need to de-stress, take back control and unite your body and mind?

Yoga is for you! We have selected videos and smartphone applications for you for regular use.

They will never replace a graduate teacher but will complement their courses nicely to maintain your motivation.

Yoga seeks the unification of the physical, psychic and spiritual aspects of the human being through the meditation, the moral discipline and the bodily exercises.

Yoga as we know it actually designates hatha-yoga, with its postures associated with the work of the breath.

The benefits of hatha yoga

How to do yoga at home without a teacher

In our current society, yoga is the way of anti-stress and serenity. The postures combining stretching and muscle strengthening channel our energy in the right direction.

Combined with meditation, they expand our proprioception and our self-awareness.

Yoga constitutes a parenthesis in the life of modern man where we tend to forget ourselves in the incessant bath of external solicitations.

This is the opportunity to refocus on oneself for a few minutes and to revitalize yourself deeply.

I have selected videos and smartphone applications for you to enjoy this activity:

1. A must-watch beginner's yoga class

In a traditional spirit, Master Swami Atma offers us mantras (meditation), postures and final relaxation. Must watch.

Duration of the session: 37 minutes.

2. Discover the basic yoga postures in 15 min

In a very different style, this “Fitness Master Class” coach presents us in a modern spirit with a 13-minute session consisting essentially of postures followed by a brief meditation. Ideal for a morning session.

3. Yoga poses to fight back pain

Olivier Fernandes, physiotherapist, explains how to fight back pain through yoga exercises, in just 7 minutes. Its anatomical explanations are clear and useful.

4. Complementary yoga classes to lose weight

1. Yoga for weight loss: standing postures

2. Yoga for weight loss: twists

Still with Olivier Fernandes, you will discover how yoga allows you to burn calories and therefore losing weight.

By performing these sequences of simple postures at home, you can relax and work on your flexibility, while losing weight.

Smartphone applications

- The YOGA application (free) for iPhone offers a list of postures with, for each of them, the execution instructions and an illustration. As simple as it is effective.

- The Daily Yoga app (free) for Android offers you tailor-made yoga sessions. Choose a training duration and a level of difficulty, and the application describes, step by step, the session to be performed.

- The 5 Minutes of Yoga application (free) for iPhone is a simplified application providing exercises that can be done in less than 5 minutes. A good reason to practice every day!

Videos and apps are a simple and economical way to engage in the practice of yoga.

Obviously, they do not replace an experienced teacher to build a session, adapt to practitioners, correct postures and breathing. Only a good teacher will lead you on the right path.

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