The Incredible Tip For Definitive And Natural Hair Removal At Home.

A very little known natural ingredient allows permanent hair removal.

As absurd as it may seem, it is the oil of ant eggs which has the property of reducing the thickness of the hairs until their total disappearance.

Little known in the West, this super clever oil is mainly used by Turkish and Iranian women to remove hair permanently, naturally and without pain.

natural and painless permanent hair removal tip at home

Where to find this oil?

We found this oil in the form of a cream, called hair reduction cream.

It will allow you a permanent and painless home hair removal with visible results quickly.

You can easily buy this cream on Amazon for € 36.99.

It may seem expensive, but it is much cheaper than several permanent laser hair removal sessions at an institute.

This cream is also dermatologically tested and approved.

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You must epilate before using the cream. This cream only works after waxing.

Be careful, this is indeed hair removal and not shaving, the goal is to remove the root of the hair before using the cream to allow it to act at the root.

So do not use a razor or a depilatory cream: it will not work, because they only cut the hair and do not remove the root of the hair.

How to do

1. Start by taking a hot bath or shower to help dilate the pores of the skin for more effective and less painful hair removal.

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2. You wax or strip your hair (no razor or depilatory cream).

3. After waxing, apply the cream to the depilated area, massaging for five minutes to make the cream penetrate the skin.

4. You start to apply the cream again every day until the hairs grow back enough to be plucked again.

5. You epilate and apply the cream again and again until the cream makes most of the hair disappear permanently.


And there you go, gradually, you have less and less hair :-)

Depending on your hairiness, you will notice the decrease in the thickness of your hairs then the almost total disappearance of your hairs on the chosen areas.

Your turn...

Have you tried this grandmother's tip for permanent hair removal? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can't wait to hear from you!

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