Stop Holding Back! Here are the 7 Health Benefits OF PETS.

I have the impression that people are becoming more and more modest.

Obviously, I have nothing against keeping a certain amount of mystery ...

But sometimes you just have to tell it like it is.

Especially when it comes to our health ... Because yes, talking about health sometimes means to talk about subjects a little “cracra” !

This is why it is necessary to openly discuss certain so-called "sensitive" subjects.

7 health benefits of farts

Topics like the benefits of sleeping naked. Or what our poop says about our health.

Today we're going to tackle another tricky subject: gas, or if you prefer, farts!

The bows, the winds, drop a crate, whatever expression you use ...

The important thing is to know that farts are extremely revealing about our health.

So without further ado, discover the 7 surprising benefits that prove that farting is good for your health!

The basics of prouts

First of all, you should know that farting is a function of the human body totally normal and natural.

On average, we fart 15 times a day. And despite what you might think, women fart just as much as men!

Yes, farting plays an important role in the functioning of the digestive system.

During the digestion of food, our digestive system dissolves food to extract nutrients from it.

Intestinal gas is simply a consequence of this digestion.

This means that EVERYBODY on earth produces gas, and that it is essential for the proper functioning of the digestive system.

In fact, never farting would be of great concern for your health!

Benefit # 1: Farts Relieve Bloating

Did you know that farting relieves stomach bloating?

Illustration by Tayra Lucero

If you have bloating after a heavy meal, it's probably because you haven't let go of farts.

For most people, bloating is synonymous with feeling of swelling and a transient weight gain.

These symptoms are not necessarily dangerous, but on the other hand, you will feel that your jeans are a little tighter.

Scientifically, bloating is in part the result of excessive water retention by your body.

So where does this unpleasant feeling of fullness associated with bloating come from?

It is simply the result of the intestinal gas that you have to let out.

By releasing farts, you instantly relieve the painful sensation of swelling in the intestines!

Benefit # 2: Farts are great for colon health

Did you know that farting is beneficial for colon health?

Illustration by Tayra Lucero

When you were a kid, maybe your mom told you not to hold back your farts?

Well, that’s good advice, one that should be taken very seriously!

This is because holding back your intestinal gas for prolonged periods of time can have harmful effects on your health.

Of course, holding back a fart once in a while to avoid an embarrassing situation doesn't have to be serious ...

On the other hand, if you have digestive problems, holding back your intestinal gas can potentially cause other colon problems.

Benefit # 3: Farts serve as a warning system

Did you know that farts work like a warning system?

Illustration by Tayra Lucero

Flatulence is one of those body functions that you cannot escape.

Of course, letting go of a fart can sometimes be embarrassing ...

But did you know that farts are also indicative of significant health problems?

This is because farts allow you to spot problems and talk to your doctor before it's too late.

For example, farts with foul smells, with increasing frequency and which are associated with pain are warning signals sent by your body.

These signals indicate that you may be suffering from medical problems, which could range from a simple lactose intolerance to a more severe condition such as colon cancer.

Benefit # 4: The smell of farts is good for you!

Did you know that the smell of farts is good for your health?

Illustration by Tayra Lucero

Perfect, you read that right! Smelling the smell of farts is good for your health.

Strange as it may sound, researchers at the University of Exeter have found that hydrogen sulfide, a compound found in trace amounts in our intestinal gas, prevents the onset of serious diseases.

In fact, it is the sulphide that has that “rotten egg” odor that we associate with intestinal gas and which is toxic in large quantities.

But in small amounts, as is the case in our farts, hydrogen sulfide decreases the risk cell damage, stroke, and heart attack.

Benefit # 5: Farts Help You Eat Better

Did you know that farts help regulate your diet?

Illustration by Tayra Lucero

Good health is synonymous withbalanced diet.

But your farts also serve as a signal about what kind of food your body needs.

Explanation: Each food produces different intestinal gas, depending on the insufficiency or abundance of the food in question.

For example, if you don't frequently release farts, that probably means you have to increase your fiber intake, with foods such as lentils, beans or kale.

Conversely, excess red meat causes particularly foul-smelling gas, meaning you need to reduce your intake of this type of food.

Benefit # 6: Farts are a sign of healthy gut flora

Did you know that healthy people fart more often?

Illustration by Tayra Lucero

Here's a disturbing truth: Healthy, weight-free people fart a lot more often.

In other words, the price to pay for better health may be to release more smelly farts.

In fact, the foods that are most beneficial to your intestinal flora, that is to say those that stimulate the functioning of the digestive system, are vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts.

Thanks to these green leafy vegetables, your intestinal microorganisms go into high gear, which means improved digestion… and therefore more intestinal gas.

Benefit # 7: Letting go of farts feels good!

Everyone knows that farts bring real relief.

Illustration by Tayra Lucero

Let’s be honest. Who does not know the intense relief that comes from letting go of a fart that has been held for too long?

Yes, if you are caught in the act it may be embarrassing for you.

But the risk is worth it, because emitting gases undoubtedly brings us a real relief.

Also, holding back a fart can make us cranky, uncomfortable, even surly.

This is why you have to give free rein to your farts, because it can improve your mood in a significative way !

To learn more about pets

A book which classifies farts according to their musicality!

If you want to know more about farts, I advise you The art of farting.

In this book, the author shows all the diversity of farts, which he classifies according to their musicality, and describes the different ways of extending, modulating or reducing their sounds :-)

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