22 Shoe Tips That Will Change Your Life.

Shoes represent a significant budget over the year.

So you might as well take care not to throw your money down the drain!

Besides feeling good in your shoes, it's still important isn't it?

We have selected 22 tips for you to take care of your shoes ...

... but also your tired feet!

22 awesome shoe tips

You will see these tips are very simple and will make your life easier. Look :

1. Make a pair of undersized leather shoes larger by wearing thick socks and passing the hair dryer over the areas that hurt you.

a pair of socks and a hair dryer to enlarge narrow shoes

You can also try this other effective trick.

2. Tape the 3rd and 4th toes with adhesive tape before putting on a pair of high-heeled pumps.

to avoid sore toes with high-heeled shoes

By doing this, you will change your balance slightly and put less pressure on the little balls that are under your toes.

3. Put panty liners in your shoes to absorb sweat.

Panty liners absorb perspiration in the shoes

4. Sand the soles of your shoes which are slippery

sand slippery soles

5. Do you have blisters on your feet? Take a hot black tea foot bath for faster healing

a black tea bath to relieve the feet

The tannins in black tea have an astringent action that helps heal the skin on the feet, reduce the risk of infection, and stop bleeding from cuts or scrapes.

6. Avoid friction on the heels by putting lubricating gel on the feet

Put lubricant on the feet to avoid blisters

7. Use window cleaner to shine patent leather shoes.

Put window cleaner on your varnished shoes to make them shine

8. Clean the stains on your white sneakers with nail polish remover.

use nail polish remover to clean stains on white sneakers

The remover will also get rid of scuffs on your shoes and it works with toothpaste too.

9. Spray hairspray on your feet to prevent them from slipping into your shoes or to avoid losing them.

the hairspray prevents your feet from slipping into the shoes

The hairspray will also come in handy when wearing flip flops. It will prevent your feet from slipping.

10. Put newspaper in your wet boots to absorb moisture quickly.

newspaper absorbs moisture from wet shoes

Click here to find out the trick.

11. Widen your shoes that are too narrow by putting in freezer bags filled with water and placing them in the freezer.

Put your shoes in the freezer with bags filled with water to make them bigger

Fill 2 freezer bags with water. Close them tightly. Place the bags inside the shoes that are too tight and leave them overnight in the freezer.

The frozen water will make the bags increase in volume, which will slowly enlarge the walls of your shoes. Click here to find out the trick.

12. Put woolen fabric in your shoes to keep your feet warm when it's cold.

woolen fabric to keep your feet warm

13. Roll a tennis ball under your feet after a long day of standing.

massage your feet with a tennis ball

Click here to find out the trick.

14. Sprinkle baking soda in your shoes to absorb bad odors.

baking soda eliminates bad odors

Click here to find out the trick.

15. Remove stains and dirt from your suede shoes using a nail file

use a nail file to remove stains on the suede

You can also try with an eraser as shown here.

16. Tie the keys to your house or car with your laces when you go for a run.

tie your keys to your laces before running

And to properly tie your shoes, discover the trick here.

17. Store your fragile items, sunglasses, jewelry in your shoes when you travel

store fragile items in your shoes

This way, you are less likely to lose or damage them in your luggage.

18. Use a bathing cap to store your dirty shoes and prevent them from getting dirty on the clean clothes in your suitcase.

put your dirty shoes in a swimming cap and then in your suitcase

Click here to find out the trick.

19. Preserve the shape of your boots with pool noodles

pool fries keep the shape of the boots

Click here to find out the trick.

20. Remove scuffs from the patent leather of your shoes with petroleum jelly.

petroleum jelly to remove scratches from varnished shoes

21. Use the skin of a banana to make your leather shoes shine

Banana peel helps shine the leather of shoes

Click here to find out the trick.

22. Prevent your feet from sweating by putting dry shampoo in your shoes.

dry shampoo in your shoes to prevent sweating

This tip works especially well when you are wearing ballet flats. If you don't have dry shampoo, you can find some here.

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