How do I lighten my hair with lemon juice?

My blonde hair is getting dull, it is losing its shine.

Fortunately, to give them a boost, I have a secret.

All you need is squeezed lemon juice.

Lemon has multiple virtues. He takes care of our hair.

In rinsing water after my usual shampoo, it makes my hair shine.

But not only ! Combined with sun exposure, it also helps lighten blond hair naturally. You will see, it's very simple and it works.

Here's how to thin them out with lemon juice. Look :

use lemon to naturally lighten your hair

We need 3 lemons fresh for the lightening lotion to be effective.

How to do

1. I pour the juice of my 3 lemons in a glass of cold water. Indeed, cold water gives vitality to the hair and tightens their scales.

2. After doing my usual shampoo, I do a final rinse with this lemon lotion.


And there you have it, your hair lightening lotion :-)

How to use it

To fully benefit from the lightening properties of lemon, you must expose your hair under the sun .

Better to test this lotion on sunny days or during your seaside vacation.

The beautiful golden hair of a princess is yours. The hair is stronger, shinier and gains in luminosity.

I finally regained my blondness of yesteryear thanks to the beneficial effects of the sun on the depigmentation of my hair.

Why does it work?

Lemon helps in bleaching blonde hair and gives lovely golden highlights to brown hair because it is photosensitizing and contains citric acid.

Thus, it facilitates the UV ray penetration directly into the hair fiber.

Lemon can dry out the hair. This is also why it works miracles against oily skin. It is therefore advisable to make a nourishing mask to restore suppleness to your hair after applying the lemon.

How often to use this lotion?

The result is progressive. After a while you will see the difference before and after. I use this lotion with every shampoo during the summer. With the bleaching effect of the sun, I see the lightening effect on my hair. And I continue as long as I want to clarify them further. For me to see!

Savings made

When you think you have to count minimum 10 € to get a lightening lotion worthy of the name in supermarkets, I prefer to choose a healthy and natural product to naturally lighten my hair.

Using lemon I only pay 2 € to get my lotion and I don't damage my hair.

Your turn...

Do you often use lemon as a beauty ally? What are you doing to lighten your blonde hair? Tell me everything in the comments.

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