9 Plants That Release Oxygen Even AT NIGHT.

Like all living species, plants live through respiration.

They inhale oxygen and release carbon dioxide.

During the day, their carbon dioxide emissions are offset through photosynthesis.

It is a process that works in reverse to the process of breathing.

It absorbs carbon dioxide, thanks to light.

9 plants that give off lots of oxygen at night and help you sleep better

But at night, plants do not benefit from sunlight to photosynthesize.

As a result, for the most part, their production of carbon dioxide is amplified.

Well know that this is not the case with all plants!

Some even produce oxygen at night. This oxygen can have a calming effect and reduce anxiety as well as insomnia.

If you manage to keep them alive, here is 9 plants that release oxygen even at night. Look :

1. Aloe vera

 an aloe vera plant in a pot

It is the natural answer to almost all skin and health problems.

Aloe vera, the most accomplished plant in the plant kingdom, releases a lot of oxygen at night.

As an added bonus, aloe vera is an extremely hardy plant that does not need to be watered very often.

It also reproduces very easily. So you can put aloe vera pots all over your home to get the most out of this plant.

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2. Snake plant

snake plant in a red pot

Do you think the name of this plant is a little scary? Her nickname, mother-in-law's language, is even more scary!

Either way, unlike your mother-in-law, you are definitely going to want one of these plants in your home.

It is considered to be one of the best air purifiers you can have in your home.

And just like aloe vera, the snake plant is very resilient and doesn't need your constant attention to thrive.

3. Neem tree

a neem tree in a red pot

The benefits of the neem tree have been documented for a very long time in the Indian subcontinent.

Neem doesn't just purify the air. It also acts as a natural pesticide, creating a barrier between you and those pesky mosquitoes.

In fact, neem does more than kill pests. It starves them and prevents their eggs from hatching.

This resistant plant still has a downside.

Grown indoors, it requires a lot of patience and care. It also needs a lot of sun and a very rich soil.

4. Holy basil

a jar of holy basil or tulsi

While consuming holy basil leaves has its own benefits, having it right around you can also be good for you.

This is because tulsi leaves emit a very characteristic scent that can soothe your nerves and reduce your anxiety.

When you are on your nerves after a tiring day at work, sit next to her for a few minutes to feel calm.

5. Orchids

a pink orchid in a pot

We agree: a bouquet of orchids could even embellish a prison cell.

But there are several advantages, other than aesthetic, to having an orchid in your home.

Not only does this plant give off oxygen at night, which makes it the perfect plant in a bedroom, it also removes xylene from the air.

Xylene is a pollutant which is found, for example, in paint.

It therefore has the power to sanitize your home. And if you don't have green hands, don't worry.

Orchids thrive even if you neglect them. By the way, worrying too much about them can annoy and kill them.

So just make sure they get enough sun and the rest ... let it be!

6. Orange gerbera

an orange gerbera in a white pot

Bring a little ray of sunshine into your life by putting these bright orange flowers in your bedroom.

Gerberas purify and perfume the air at the same time. Very practical for cleaning the air in the house!

If you want to plant a gerbera, go for a nursery transplant as these plants can be difficult to grow.

7. Fig tree of the pagodas

pagoda fig leaves on a trunk

The superstitions that surround the fig tree of the pagodas claim that the souls of the dead live among its leaves.

But after reading its benefits, I'm sure you won't mind these superstitions!

Besides being a powerful source of oxygen, the leaves of this tree are used against diabetes, against constipation and to treat asthma.

Perhaps it is for these reasons that Buddha chose to meditate under this tree.

8. Christmas cactus

a blooming christmas cactus

Forget the Christmas trees! The Christmas cactus is the plant you need during this festive time.

It's true that it only blooms during the month of December but its gorgeous leaves and health benefits will keep you happy all year round.

This cactus emits oxygen all night long, helping you to sleep well.

It also thrives in dark rooms, making it the perfect roommate.

9. Areca

an areca palm or areca palm in a pot

You might know it because it's the favorite plant in dentist waiting rooms around the world!

But the areca or areca palm is also the best houseplant you can have in your home.

These plants are particularly good at absorbing all kinds of harmful gases and humidifying the air.

Because they are native to dense tropical forests, they are also well suited to areas that have less sunlight.

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