10 Good Reasons To Stop Checking Facebook All the Time.

Facebook, Tweet, Instagram, Pinterest: basically, these social media have several advantages.

For example, they are useful for keeping in touch with loved ones and for meeting new people. You can even use them to organize your social life (inviting your friends to a party, for example).

Unfortunately, the way some people use Facebook is totally beyond reason.

These people are totally obsessed with Facebook. It's like their life revolves around posts and the "Like" button.

Here's what should encourage them to stop being on Facebook all the time: Find out the 10 things that happen when you stop obsessively using Facebook.

Research indicates that viewing Facebook is unhealthy.

The problem

For some people, checking their Facebook account is a full-time job.

These people keep “posting” content to Facebook. Then, they check their “wall” several times a day to see if their “friends” have clicked “Like”.

In addition, they constantly consult their "news feed" to read the content of their friends' wall.

And, as if that wasn't enough, these people play all the games, take all the polls, take all the tests, and so on.

Do you recognize yourself in this description? Or maybe you recognize one of your relatives there?

If so, now is the time to take matters into your own hands! :-)

Here are 10 things you can expect when you pick up Facebook.

1. You will no longer be an "living dead"

Of course, we are using the term "living dead" only to illustrate our point.

Why "living dead"? Because when you have your gaze riveted on your screen to consult Facebook, you are also ignoring the real world.

For example, you neglect your pet, which may need to be fed or a good walk. For addicts, it's only after they've had their fill of Facebook that these tasks are done.

Even worse, there are people who choose to go out ... but to stay stuck in their smartphone to consult their Facebook! If you recognize yourself in this behavior, think about the fact that you do not experience anything different than if you had stayed at home!

What if we tried to "put your Facebook down"? What would happen?

- The chin would be lifted.

- Therefore, the eyes could observe what is happening around you.

- And finally, we could become aware of the real world :-)

For a hungry cat and friends who want to spend time with us, this is quite a good point!

2. You will be more productive

For those who work in front of a computer, the biggest enemy of work is certainly social media.

It's so easy to minimize the document you're supposed to be working on to "quickly" check your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. account.

And of course, "a few minutes" turn into 15 min, then 30 min, and so on.

1 hour later, we realize that we have lost a lot of productivity time.

Thanks to faster and faster smartphones and telephony technologies, you can literally access your Facebook anywhere and anytime (including at work).

What if we don't check our Facebook? We're gonna have to deal with it one way or another, right? Like while working, for example!

The effect is guaranteed: if you don't check your Facebook at work, your productivity will increase.

3. You will be able to concentrate on more important things.

Consulting Facebook takes up a lot of time.

It's crazy how much time you can spend browsing your news feed and notifications.

This is all the more the case since the posts on the Facebook news feed are no longer organized in chronological order.

Not checking your Facebook over and over again can free you up a lot of time.

And that wasted time, you could use it for a lot of other activities - much more important ones.

For example, you could spend time with your partner - which can only strengthen your relationship.

You could spend time with your friends and take the opportunity to discuss a new topic.

Or, you could use this time to play sports, to get in shape, to lose some weight and to feel good about yourself.

The possibilities are literally endless, for you would use this time to do whatever it is you want to do.

4. You will find out who your real friends are

On the Internet, being friends with someone is not complicated.

“Like” a post, add a comment to a photo, post a photo on a “friend's” wall: these actions only take a few seconds.

When someone leaves comments on all of our photos and “likes” all of our statuses, you might think they're a real friend who cares about us.

But in reality, this person only gave us 45 seconds of their time. And outside of Facebook, those attention gestures are likely to go away.

The only people you need to hang out with are those who genuinely care about you and want to stay with you, in the real world.

If you don't spend all of your time on Facebook anymore, you can quickly find out who the people you really care about are.

5. You will learn the true meaning of "I like"

What does it really mean to "like" something on Facebook?

Have you noticed that clicking “Like” on Facebook doesn't even mean that you like a post or comment?

It has become a polite gesture to show others that we have seen their post and that we recognize its existence.

Most Facebook users have understood this gesture so well that they don't even realize what it really means to 'like' something.

Taking a step back from Facebook shows you how unnecessary the “Like” button is - and especially that few people genuinely appreciate what they “like” on Facebook.

6. You will regain the feeling of having achieved something

The main feature of Facebook is that you never "finish" anything on Facebook.

As a result, you always feel like you have to do more, see more and communicate more.

Dealing with this “I'll never finish” feeling all day long is really exhausting - both emotionally and mentally.

Fixing this problem is simple: try to end an activity, outside of Facebook.

Here are some examples :

You can finish a book. You can finish planting vegetables in a vegetable patch. You can also simply finish the dishes.

In fact, virtually all real-world tasks have a purpose. And, as humans, completing a task to its completion is rewarding.

Don't deprive yourself of that feeling anymore: get off Facebook and finish something.

7. You will no longer have to worry about "trackers"

Virtually every Facebook user has one: the tracker, that obsessive admirer who follows all of your posts.

If you're not careful with your privacy settings, anyone can view your photos, statuses, etc.

And, believe us, there are some who don't mind! Weird people take a nasty pleasure in looking at photos of the one they have a crush on.

People who you're not friends with (and who you don't want to be friends with) may have access to a lot of content that you thought was protected.

Also, even if you are not “friends” on Facebook with your tracker, she / he can still see who your friends are.

And, if your friends are less keen on their privacy, they may innocently post that they're going out to eat with you tonight. And as simple as that, your tracker knows where to find you! Scary, right?

If you left Facebook, you would be completely protected from this type of person.

8. You will feel better about yourself

A study carried out on this subject concluded without a shadow of a doubt that Facebook gives rise to low self-esteem.

Several explanations have been put forward to explain this phenomenon.

When we post content and none of our “friends” click “like,” we can feel like rejection.

Or when we post a photo of ourselves and no one praises us on how we look, we can feel ugly.

Plus, on Facebook, it's like the whole world is happier than us, prettier than us, more successful than us, better personal relationships than us, etc.

Suddenly, how can we not feel inferiority (or even depression) in this functioning?

The answer is simple: you have to get out of Facebook :-)

9. You will appreciate the things you own more.

In 2013, German researchers conducted a study on how Facebook users feel.

The result ? They found that people who use Facebook feel jealousy and envy of what their Facebook “friends” have.

This could be acquaintances posting content for display with their new phone, new home, or other physical assets.

Other people can become jealous when they see their "friends" in happy relationships - it doesn't matter if it's a relationship or a family relationship.

Somehow, Facebook is the perfect place to post what you own. Therefore, it is also a place where one sees all that one does not have.

So why go through this kind of ordeal?

10. You will understand that for Facebook, you are only advertising revenue

Of course, there are people on Facebook who genuinely care about you.

However, Facebook doesn't really care who you are. For Mark Zuckerberg, you are just a small piece of data among a billion others.

You are part of a gigantic database. For Facebook, you are on their site to be exploited: to view ads, spend money on Facebook games, and enrich the site. These are the only criteria of your existence that interest Facebook.

Would you stay in a relationship with someone who treats you that way? So why maintain this relationship with Facebook?


You might think that this article is an open review of Facebook. To some extent, it is.

However, it should be remembered that social media was designed for a specific reason.

And, over the past 10 years, it seems like we've all forgotten that reason.

All - you, me, and especially the social networks themselves ...

These days, social networks are no longer there to reconnect, to exchange and to forge friendships.

Today, we frequent social networks to be the first in his group to talk about the latest "buzz" of the web.

Facebook is all about clicking on “Like” all the time, just like a smoker who smokes cigarette after cigarette.

It's an addiction. And like most addictions, it doesn't add anything to your life.

We're not suggesting that you quit Facebook for good - that would be a bit drastic.

On the other hand, the less Facebook you have in your life, the better off you are!

Honestly, you don't miss much if you stop checking Facebook 30 times a day - we promise :-)

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