The 10 Best Tips To Beat Heat WITHOUT CLIMATE '.

The strong heat is hardly bearable.

They put a strain on our body, our morale, but also our electricity bill.

This is no reason to let the high temperatures knock you out!

We have selected for you the best tips to cool you down even if you don't have air conditioning.

10 tips to endure the heat without air conditioning

Here are 10 awesome tips that will help you withstand high temperatures better. Even if you think the sun wants your skin. Look :

1. Drink more water

a glass of water

You surely know how important it is to stay hydrated throughout the year. So, when you sweat a lot, because of the heat, drinking enough water becomes essential.

Realize that your body is like an air conditioner. Whenever your internal body temperature rises due to physical activity or heat, your internal air conditioner will turn on. As a result, you start to sweat.

Now imagine that the coolant your air conditioner uses is sweat. Now you understand why it is important to fill the tank by drinking plenty of water.

Water isn't the only way to stay hydrated. But it's free and accessible to most of us. Even though you may have to make an effort to drink more water and learn to appreciate the taste, drinking regularly will feel much better. To make sure you're drinking enough water, check out our tips here.

2. Wear loose cotton or linen clothing

Wear loose linen dresses when it's hot

Sweating is one of the worst nightmares of the summer. To avoid sweating too much during the day when the weather is super hot, you need to be well equipped. So prefer cotton or linen clothes. Why ? Because these materials allow the skin to breathe much better. Also consider choosing loose clothing like this dress so that the air circulates as much as possible between your skin and the garment.

3. Make your own air conditioner

a DIY air conditioner

Air conditioners cost a fortune to purchase but also in electricity bills. Fortunately, you can make your own homemade air conditioner for 3 times nothing. All you need is a Styrofoam cooler and a table fan like this.

Make one hole in the top of the crate and two more on one side to circulate the air. Put pieces of ice in the cooler and place the fan lying on the top of the crate and turn it on. There you go, your house air conditioning is ready!

If you don't have a cooler on hand, you can use this even easier trick.

4. Optimize the efficiency of your fans

place your fan so that it blows outside

Did you know that if you aim your fan outward, rather than inward, at night, your room will be cooler and you will sleep better?

And yes, it might sound weird but it really works! Check out the trick in detail here.

And if you have a ceiling fan, turn it counterclockwise to keep your room as cool as possible.

5. Eat cold and avoid using your oven

a saucepan heating

Summer is the best time to eat out. It is also the best time to eat cold foods. This prevents your body from having to lower its temperature further.

When it's too hot to cook, consider making cold soups and simple recipes that don't require the use of the oven. Otherwise you will still heat the interior of your house.

When you go on a picnic, you can put 2 bottles filled with water in the freezer. It will keep your meal cool in a cooler.

6. Exercise without suffering from the heat

how to play sports when it's hot

Just because it's too hot outside doesn't mean you should stop playing sports. You can adapt your practice to the heat and apply common sense rules to playing sports.

For example, prefer water sports, avoid playing sports when the heat is at its maximum, namely between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. and do shorter sessions.

Cooling techniques (such as immersion in water) can keep you from heatstroke when you play sports in very hot weather.

7. Open your windows at the right time

a blue facade with open windows

You may not need to turn on the air conditioning if you pay special attention to your windows in the summer.

During the day, close the windows and put on blackout curtains so that the sun does not enter your home. In the evening, when the sun is down, open everything wide.

You can also hang a damp towel in front of your windows to freshen the air coming into the house. Check out the trick here.

Open the windows that are opposite each other to create a draft.

8. Lower the temperature of your car quickly

This Japanese thing will quickly get you a more bearable temperature in your car that has turned into an oven. To cool the interior of your car, open a car window and leave all doors closed. Then open and close the door opposite the window a few times quickly. This trick will expel the hot air in the car. In a few seconds, the temperature will drop drastically.

9. Stay cool when you sleep

How to sleep well when it's hot

The summer heat is even harder to take when trying to take a nap. This is because the increase in body temperature makes it more difficult to fall asleep.

If you have insomnia in the summer, use a special pillow to cool your head, like this one. Or use the Egyptian method by sleeping on a damp cloth. Check out the trick here.

You can also follow our guide here to get a good night's sleep even on a hot day.

10. Use your body's cooling points

Apply ice cubes to these places to lower body temperature

Finally, if you cannot escape the heat, it is worth knowing the best cooling points for your body. For example, your wrist or neck.

By applying towel-wrapped ice cubes to these hot spots, you cool your body more quickly and efficiently. Very useful for lowering your body temperature quickly when it is very hot.

Your turn...

Have you tried these tips to keep you cooler? Let us know in the comments if it works for you. We can't wait to hear from you!

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