Survival Tips: How To Tame A Raging Horse?

On vacation, we often want to go on a horseback ride.

But riding an animal that sometimes has uncontrollable reactions can be dangerous ...

... especially if your frame gets carried away!

You know, when he starts galloping like crazy without stopping. So what if your horse gets carried away?

Fortunately, there are simple and effective tips to avoid accidents and keep your horse under control even when galloping.

galloping horse tips for getting out of it

My dad, who has been riding since he was little, gave me 8 tips that I am revealing to you today.

I can tell you it saved me from falling more than once. Look :

1. Hold yourself in the saddle using your hands and thighs.

horse racing galloping in the saddle

Despite the scary side of this situation, you absolutely have to stay in the saddle to avoid falling to the ground. To do this, use your hands and thighs to hold onto the animal. Be aware that most serious accidents occur when the rider is thrown or attempts to jump en route. To reassure you, I can tell you that with the speed, there is little chance that you will fall if you hold yourself well in the saddle.

2. Hold the saddle with one hand and the reins with the other.

horse rider clinging to the saddle

Grasp the front of the saddle with one of your hands, and always keep the reins in the other. If you've let go of the reins, grab the mane and wait for the animal to slow down. Try to never let go of your reins as they are the equivalent of your steering wheel in a car.

3. Keep your feet in the stirrups

keep your feet in the stirrups without pushing too much of a racing horse

Tighten your thighs and keep your feet in the stirrups. This is the best way to keep your balance. Try to control the movement of your legs as a kick with the heel means "Walk" for the horse. We shouldn't make him want to go even faster!

Never sink your feet up to the ankles in the stirrups, you could get stuck if you fall ... Best to keep your feet halfway down. If you lose your calipers, that's okay. Keep your legs in the same position, thighs tight and tiptoes up. Do not try to put them back by leaning to the side, you may fall.

4. Straighten up as much as possible in the saddle.

to step back when a horse is racing at a gallop

When the horse is galloping, try to stand up as much as possible by putting your shoulders back. To do this, you can lean on the pommel with one of your hand. This slightly backward position means the horse must slow down or stop. Conversely, try not to lean forward like a racing jockey. This is a dangerous position because your center of gravity is no longer in the right place and the fall has come more quickly.

5. Try to breathe and stay calm

horse breathing to calm him down

Yes, I know, when you are on a horse going at 50 km / h, it is very difficult to keep calm! But still try to breathe, and if possible slowly. Do not hesitate to force yourself to breathe hard by emptying all the air from your lungs. Your mount is a sensitive animal. If he feels that you are released, he will listen to you again and slow down. On the contrary, if you increase his stress, the situation may well last longer.

6. Talk to your horse

Talk to your horse to reassure him

Speak to him in a soft and reassuring voice. Tell him "hooooo!" in a soothing voice. Try not to scream as this may make her even more angry or frighten. Tell him anything, but in a soft voice that calms him down. Also remember to look ahead to see if there are any dangers. A branch, another horse, a road ... Depending on what you see, you may need to react, so get ready.

7. Pull the reins up then release

alternately pull the reins up packed horse

There is no point in pulling hard on the reins to stop a galloping horse. The more you pull on the reins, the more likely the horse is to have dangerous reactions. Instead, alternately pull one rein after another, always upwards, not towards your stomach. Moderate force at first, then, if there is no reaction, with small sharp knocks. Do not pull on a single rein violently to try to make him turn his head. The horse could lose his balance and fall.

8. When the horse slows down, slightly pull a rein to one side.

horse on board what to do to slow down

When the horse slows down, straighten up more with the shoulders back and slightly pull on a rein to one side so that its head turns. The goal is to make the horse turn in circles. As the horse is no longer in a straight line, he can no longer gain speed and he will feel that you are in control again. During the transition from canter to trot, keep squeezing your thighs so you don't get off balance. Once at a walk, slowly pull the 2 reins until the horse comes to a stop. All you have to do is get off, keeping the reins in your hand to prevent it from moving or running away.

Why does a horse get carried away?

It is important to understand why a horse gets carried away. A horse is a naturally fearful animal. A noise, something popping up or a car can quickly frighten him.

The second reason can be nervousness. With excessive heat or cold, insects biting him, other horses around him fidgeting, he may have a mood swings that make him run away.

In either case, his survival instinct is to triple gallop straight ahead. Anyway, know that this is surely not a violent reaction against you.

Additional advice

- Try not to let go of your reins. If you have lost them, try to catch them as soon as possible. The horse should not trip over it.

- If your horse kicks, get well back by holding your saddle with one hand (you know like in rodeos). And lift his head with the reins in the other hand. A horse with its head held high cannot kick with force, it is physiological.

- If you need to make an emergency descent because your horse is rearing up, remove your feet from the stirrups. Then put your arms around the neck of the horse. Hold the fort and slide to the side. Put your feet on the ground, and step back immediately so as not to be injured by a hoof strike.

- Avoid wearing sneakers for riding or shoes with low laces. The bumps formed by the laces can lock your foot in the stirrup. Also avoid riding with bare legs, the friction on the saddle will leave you with lovely memories for the end of the holidays!

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