My Tip for Iron Burns on Clothes.

Forgot your iron on the table?

And you burnt your favorite jacket? Do not be afraid !

Your clothing is not ruined: no need to throw it in the trash!

Here's a simple grandma's trick to save the day.

All you need is lemon juice.

lemon removes iron burn stains

Lemon juice

Ironing is an exercise worthy of Fort-Boyard, and much more perilous: you have to press enough so that the folds have disappeared for this damn 11 a.m. meeting, but not too much otherwise it distorts the fabric, and above all, above all, you have to be at what you do because, as long as you forget the iron, hello the burn marks.

As an expert in this field (in burns, eh, not in ironing), I looked for a solution to the problem to know if the garment is recoverable after having burned it. And this is what I found in the guide The Malignant Lemon :

How to do

1. Soak the burn mark with lemon juice.

2. Leave to dry for ten minutes.

3. After 10 minutes, rinse the stain off with warm water.

4. Dry, either in the sun or under any light source if the sun is not there.


And there you have it, the burn marks on your clothes are gone :-)

Now you know how to remove a trace of an iron burn from clothing!

Why it works

As you may know, lemon and light have brightening power.

The nice thing is that scorch marks don't normally resist this mixture.

In any case, I tried the trick no later than last week: my Rolling Stones t-shirt, on which my iron had lingered a bit, is like new by now. .

And it works for all clothes: pants, t-shirt, black clothes ...

Your turn...

And you, have you tried this trick? Do you have others to recommend us? I await your advice in the comments.

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