10 Vegetables You Can Grow In Your Home Endlessly!

Before throwing your vegetable and herb waste in the trash, think twice!

Did you know that these leftovers can give life to new vegetables?

This allows you to regrow vegetables from a root that you were going to throw away!

And start over again and again ... Economical and ecological right?

Here are 10 vegetables you can grow back in your home indefinitely. Look :

1. Lettuce

grow salads at home

To regrow lettuce, keep the heart of your salad. Put some water in a container. Place the heart of your lettuce in the container that you will place in the light. Good sun exposure is necessary. Renew the water regularly. Wait a few days and you will see the first small leaves grow back. Wait a few more weeks and you will have a nice salad!

2. Chinese cabbage

regrow Chinese cabbage

Chinese cabbage grows back in the same way as lettuce. Save its heart and place it in a container with a little water. Put it in the light and change the water regularly.

3. Green onions

grow green onions

Delicious in salads, green onions also have the right to a second life. In 5 days, they grow back very well. It is even the vegetables that grow back the fastest. To achieve this, simply put the ends that you are not using in a glass of water, roots down.

4. Leek

grow leeks

The leek is also the champion of regrowth! Just use the same method as that used for green onion. Place the end you were going to throw in a glass of water, letting the roots soak in the water.

5. Garlic

regrow garlic at home

For garlic, you have to be more patient. Take a few cloves of garlic and plant them in the soil of a pot. Consider watering them once a week. After a month or two, a sprout will appear on the tip of its nose. Remove the flower from the garlic, and keep the rest, which looks like a green onion. You just have to wait several months before you can harvest your garlic.

6. Basil

grow basil at home

What a pleasure to have basil on hand at all times! It could not be easier. Keep one or more branches and put them in the water. Good to know: the longer the stem, the easier the regrowth. Seven days later, roots will appear. You will wait ten days before replanting your shoot in the ground, in the sun.

7. Ginger

regrow ginger at home

To grow ginger, you have to be patient. To start, save a bit of your ginger root and plant it in potting soil. Place the pot in a humid place, with light. After 8-10 months, you will see a new root appear.

8. Fennel

grow fennel at home

It’s a snap to grow it back. Just keep the core of the bulb and put it in a bowl with a little water. You will soon see small shoots just begging to grow on the bulb.

9. Celery

regrow celery at home

As with the salad, use the core of the celery and put it in a container with a little water, in the light. We just have to wait! Celery is very easy to grow: good luck because it is one of the vegetables that contains a lot of pesticides. You might as well grow it at home!

10. Lemongrass

grow lemon grass at home

Delicious in Asian dishes, lemongrass grows quickly. A few branches in a little water in the sun, and you're done. She is satisfied with little and grows a lot: you will get a beautiful plant of 30 cm. All you have to do is help yourself!


And there you have it, you now know how to regrow these vegetables at home in an unlimited way :-)

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