12 Christmas Breakfasts Your Kids Will Love!

Christmas is always a very exciting time of year.

Especially for children!

Every day, they ask you the exact same question:

"Say ... Christmas is in how many days?" ".

So let's help the younger ones count down to Christmas.

How? 'Or' What ? With these 12 adorable Christmas breakfast ideas for kids!

12 Christmas breakfast ideas for children

Every day, prepare them a magical Christmas-themed breakfast to keep them waiting until the big day, while enjoying themselves! Look :

D - 12: the snowman in pancakes

a snowman made with pancakes

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without one or two snowmen! To make the body of the snowman, just make one pancake bigger than the other.

Make eyes with fresh or thawed blueberries, a scarf with thawed strawberries or raspberries or red apples.

For the mouth, use a few small chocolate candies or melted chocolate to make the small dots. For the nose, a bit of orange will do.

The Christmas trees will be made with slices of kiwi. The grated coconut will be perfect for snow.

For the finishing touch, make the snowman's arms and tree trunks with a little melted chocolate.

D- 11: the penguin in oatmeal

a cereal penguin to eat for breakfast

All children seem to like penguins. So now is the perfect time to make your oatmeal penguin. Choose your favorite oatmeal cereal. Prepare a little thicker porridge than usual.

Let it cool just before putting it in the middle of the plate. The use of a blue plate really adds to the presentation. Surround the oatmeal with blueberries that you have thawed beforehand. Add some to the side to make the penguin's wings.

To make a mouth and feet, use clementine wedges. And make the hat with thawed strawberries or raspberries and mini marshmallows that you will also use to make snow.

D - 10: mutton in banana

a sheep made with bananas for a fun breakfast

Sheep are found in all Christmas cribs. So today is THE day to make banana sliced ​​sheep.

All you need are banana slices and some chopped grapes.

Kids will love eating this breakfast with their fingers. In addition, it does not require any cooking.

D- 9: the owl in porridge

an owl for a Christmas breakfast made with porridge

Kids' favorite porridge comes in handy for making a funny owl for breakfast.

Put the cooked porridge in a cup. Use kiwi slices for the wings, banana slices and some raisins for the eyes.

A small piece of strawberry or other red fruit like an apple will turn into a beak. Slivered almonds or grated coconut will make the perfect feathers.

D - 8: the brown bear in pancakes

a little bear made with pancakes

Brown bears are coming out of hibernation for this adorable breakfast. Simply make 2 pancakes or 2 small pancakes of the same size for the body and head of the bear and 8 mini pancakes for the legs, ears, nose and tail.

Blueberries are great for eyes and truffles. A small touch of cream creates the dividing line between the mouth and the nose. Your child will greatly enjoy their "brown bear" breakfast.

D - 7: sunny breakfast

a sun made with pancakes and bananas

The sun inaugurates a new day and brings us closer to Christmas. This sunny breakfast is made with a pancake (or a small pancake), surrounded by slices of caramelized bananas.

The sun face is made with 2 pieces of banana, topped with 2 fresh (or thawed) blueberries. Red fruits like strawberries or thawed raspberries will make our sun's cheeks blush.

And a grape is very suitable for the nose. A touch of melted chocolate is used to make the mouth and the eyebrows.

D - 6: the little Christmas bird

a little bird for breakfast made with pancakes and fruit

A plump little bird is also on our list of Christmas-inspired breakfast ideas. A crepe (or pancake) will make the body of the bird while raspberries and whipped cream will make the hat.

Two banana slices topped with M & M's type candies or a small black grape cut in half will be used to make the eyes.

Thin apple slices will serve as wings and a scarf. The beak is made with a small piece of orange.

D - 5: the cookie puppy

a puppy in pancakes for breakfast

Your child will immediately fall in love with this adorable puppy for their breakfast.

His head is made with a pancake and his ears with two waffle cookies. A slice of cheese is used to make its muzzle and its tongue is materialized by a piece of strawberry.

Two slices of bananas and blueberries are used to make the eyes and the truffle and a few small spots of melted chocolate, the mustaches.

D - 4: the toasted owl

an owl-shaped toast for a Christmas breakfast

Toasted owl is made, you guessed it, with a toast! Make the general shape of the owl in your toast. Then spread your child's favorite filling over it.

Complete with slices of kiwi for the wings and fir, slices of banana and blueberries for the eyes, chunks of strawberries for the beak and legs.

The crust of the bread is used to make the trunk. Using melted chocolate, draw a Christmas star on the tree while candy scattered on the plate adorns the sky.

D - 3: Santa's reindeer in pancakes

Santa's reindeer made with pancakes for breakfast

Start the day by making pancakes in the shape of a red nosed reindeer. Make the pancakes by shaping them into the shape of the head and ears.

Add grilled bacon for the antlers and mouth of the reindeer and a cherry tomato for the nose. Make an eye by flattening a marshmallow and putting a black grape in the middle.

D - 2: the Santa Claus pancake

a santa claus for breakfast made with a pancake and fruit

That's it ! Today's Santa is filling his hood with toys. So now is the perfect day to make a special Santa Claus breakfast. Create the face of Santa Claus with a pancake.

A banana cut into thin slices will make a beard. And the hat and the nose will be made with raspberries and whipped cream. For Santa's eyes, cut a marshmallow and a black grape in half.

The day of Christmas

hot chocolate with a marshmallow snowman

Most kids will be slightly too excited to have breakfast on Christmas morning!

So when the tension starts to ease, reinvent their favorite Christmas countdown with a mug full of steaming hot chocolate with a marshmallow snowman lounging.

This adorable little man is made up of three marshmallows and a few sticks of pretzels, a little touch of melted chocolate and a little candy for the nose.

This is great fun for all of you and great memories!

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