What are the Cheap Markets in Paris?

Shopping is a gourmet pleasure.

But without being advised, gluttony risks becoming a bad thing if it encounters prices that soar too much. Especially in Paris.

Some markets are overpriced and should be avoided. And cheapest in Paris so where are they hiding?

Good question. Here is the list of cheap markets in Paris:

Very diverse markets

Stall on the Belleville market in Paris

In our capital, there is really everything. From the friendly Belleville market to the very pouët-pouët market in Saxe-Breteuil (embassies, ministries, Thomas Dutronc, etc.), via the colorful La Chapelle market, you are served.

Before the euro, when we did our shopping at the market, we were almost sure of our price point. Now we have to be careful.

Here are some market names you need to know to hit the nail on the head.

The cheapest

Beard market in Paris under the metro

To find the cheapest, you will have to go to Barbès market, with an average basket of 10 €. Compare with the most expensive, Saint-Quentin in the 10th district: € 22, or Saxe-Breteuil: € 21 ... pffff!

To buy fruits and vegetables, also see the Bastille markets (11th) and Ornano (18th). The market Place of festivals in the 19th is defending itself well with very competitive prices.

Also take a walk in the market Berthier (17th) where everything is € 1 per kilo at 1:30 p.m. or 2:00 p.m., Wednesday and Saturday.

Finally, the marketAligre (12th) remains a must, with stalls at very affordable prices, especially at the end of the morning.

Finally, note that the City of Paris publishes a free flyer with the list of all the Parisian markets.

This list is also available online by clicking here.

Savings made

Considering the differences which range almost from single to double between the cheapest and the most expensive, it's definitely worth taking the metro, right? Your ticket will pay off very quickly.

But also be careful to look at the quality of the food when you always buy at the lowest price on the markets: you are not a winner every time.

Likewise, it is wrong to say that to have quality you always have to pay dearly.

By testing the prices in the markets around you, you will certainly be able to find a lot of products that are cheaper than at the supermarket.

You will thus enjoy tasty and fresher products than in supermarkets.

And do you know of any cheap markets in Paris or in your city? Help other readers by sharing them in comments.

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