3 Substitutes to Replace Sugar and Protect Health.

Refined white sugar is not our friend.

Deprived after refining of vitamins, minerals and essential trace elements, refined sugar is clearly dangerous for our health!

100% natural substitutes and sweeteners are plentiful and delicious. Small selection.

what can you replace white sugar with?

I am in the grip of a cruel addiction to sugar. Everyone has their addiction.

But since I know the harmful effects of the manufacture of white sugar, I no longer take drugs with any sugar!

I favor alternatives and my body is delighted. Sweet love when you hold us ...

1. Stevia

stevia replaces white sugar

Stevia is a sweetening agent derived from a plant of the same name. It has become one of Asians' favorite sugar substitutes. Its extreme sweetening power allows me to use only micro-doses in my yogurt or my tea.

At worst, I don't worry, stevia is a 100% sugar-free diet with a zero calorie content! Perfect for diabetes too!

2. Honey

honey can replace sugar

Honey has a simple sugar: fructose. I love it for its delicious flavors and its virtues. With honey, you never have to put a lot of it.

Sweetening agent, the glycemic response turns out to be less important than classic table sugar.

3. Maple syrup

maple syrup can replace sugar

This succulent syrup made from maple sap is one of the specialties of Canadians. Tonic and packed with antioxidants, it also has effective therapeutic properties against diabetes and cancer.

On morning pancakes, as a dessert or as a sweet and savory meal with meat, maple syrup is excellent. How about a maple caramel pork?

4. Other substitutes

Agave syrup, Garcinia, Yacon are also excellent substitutes for sugar, but they remain rarer and therefore more expensive! In any case me, with all that, I have not finished being addicted to sugar!

Savings made

It is not so much on the purchase of a substitute that you will save money, because refined white sugar is always the cheapest.

The price of a kilo of refined white sugar can reach 1.25 €. A 500g jar of honey or maple syrup will cost you between € 3 and € 10.

But stevia is a starting investment: 30 € for 500 g but BE CAREFUL, thanks to its extremely sweetening power, 500 g of stevia is equivalent to 175 kg of sugar classic white!

So stevia is 2 times cheaper than white sugar low cost supermarkets.

You will find all these products in your supermarkets, in pharmacies, in specialized health food stores, or on the Internet!

Your turn...

What is your favorite sugar? I await your testimonies of sucrolique in comment. We can't wait to hear from you!

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