How to shave without shaving product? With Olive Oil!

There is always a time, for whatever reason, when you can run out of shaving foam or shaving cream.

And, man or woman, we all need to shave at some point!

Don't go running around to find your shaving product at the drugstore or supermarket.

You probably already have what you need to help you out in your kitchen! Yes, I am talking about your olive oil.

You have some ? So let's go.

to shave with olive oil

How to do ?

You don't have to be a genius, you just need to:

1. Pour a little olive oil into one of your hands (instead pour in small doses and add more if necessary).

2. Spread the oil on the area to be shaved.

3. To your razors! Shave as usual.


And there you have it, nothing very complicated. You shaved without shaving foam :-)

Bonus : you don't even need an after-shave product, the oil protects and hydrates your skin much better !

You can simply massage your "oily" skin to allow the oil to penetrate well.

Which olive oil to choose?

which olive oil to choose for shaving

They are all usable, but I would rather orient myself towards olive oils which are organic or virgin.

They are 100% natural and recommended for health, therefore, excellent for your beauty!

But you will only need one small quantity and the one you have in your kitchen will be more than enough. No need to invest in another oil!

Your turn...

Have you tried shaving with olive oil? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can't wait to hear from you!

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