What is the Ideal Temperature in the Freezer?

We have mail asking us what is the ideal temperature in a freezer.

We cannot disappoint these loyal readers and we are responding immediately.

In the house, just like a refrigerator, a freezer stays plugged in all day. Knowing how to control your electricity consumption is therefore essential.

So what is the right temperature in the freezer?

-18 ° C is the ideal temperature in the freezer

How to do

Each freezer has an adjustable thermostat that allows you to act on the temperature which will be permanently installed inside the passenger compartment. So how high should a freezer be?

You must make sure to set this temperature about -18 degree. This is the ideal temperature recommended everywhere.

Know that if you go below it is not necessary.

If you go too low your freezer will consume wasted electricity, and your food will not be better preserved than if you were at -18 °.

There you go, it's simple, isn't it? Now you know what the ideal temperature should be for a home freezer.

Savings made

There is no point in wasting energy, you know that. In fact, it is very simple: each degree in excess causes you to spend 5% more electricity.

It is better to spend this money on something else, when we know the price of electricity tariffs today ...

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