15 Simple and Cheap Ideas For Valentine's Day.

Are you looking for inexpensive ideas for Valentine's Day?

Rest assured: you don't have to break the bank to be adorable.

We have selected for you 15 romantic ideas that will not cost you much and that are sure to please your Valentine.

1. A collage of photos in the shape of a heart

Free collage for valentines day

Why not make a beautiful collage of your best moments together?

All you need to make this type of heart easily is a little collage software.

2. A CD of songs that make you think of him / her

A gift idea to make yourself for Christmas

Burn a CD with songs that make you think of your sweetheart, and give it to him.

Wrap it with simple cardboard paper as above.

3. Leave a love note on the pillow

Rose petals reads with a word of love

Leave a love note on your lover's pillow. Tell him / her how special he / she is to you.

Place a few rose petals on the pillow ... and let discover the bedtime scene.

4. Plan a day filled with your favorite little things

romantic breakfast

Plan a whole day full of the little things he / she loves: his / her favorite breakfast, dinner with his / her favorite dish, an episode of his / her favorite series, his / her favorite music, etc.

The trick is to say nothing and surprise him / her throughout the day.

5. Give a homemade massage from head to toe

Foot massage for valentine's day

You don't have to be an expert to do good to your loved one.

Sensual, aphrodisiac massage oil like this and ... elbow grease, that's all you need.

Start with the soles of the feet and finish with massages on the scalp.

You will see, you will work miracles!

6. Write a "Top 10 Reasons Why I Love You" list

Top reasons why I love you

Take a beautiful leaf and just list the 10 reasons why you love it.

Leave the list in the middle of the table so that it is clearly visible.

7. Prepare a simple dinner with a romantic table

Table for cheap valentine's day

If you want to cook a romantic dinner, you don't have to do anything fancy or expensive.

Choose a quick and easy recipe, such as coconut curry chicken.

Then place a few candles on the table to make a pretty heart. You will find some here.

Put on some romantic music to accompany your special dinner.

And above all, leave the dishes for tomorrow!

8. Make a homemade menu for the evening menu

Cheap valentine's day menu

As in large restaurants where the menu explains each dish in detail, do something similar.

For example, on a sheet of paper, write "Chicken with Coconut Curry, cooked with love to be with YOU".

Don't forget to give your "restaurant" a name at the top of the menu.

9. Give your Valentine a homemade gift voucher

Good gift for valentines day

Give your Valentine one or more homemade gift vouchers.

For example: a voucher for cooking a romantic dinner, a voucher for a breakfast served in bed, a voucher for looking after the children 2 days a week throughout the year, a voucher for doing the dishes during a week, etc.

Print, by clicking on the image, the model above that I created for you. You just have to complete it with what you have chosen to offer.

10. Write a message of love on the mirror

Valentine's day mirror love message

Use a bar of soap to write a message of love on the bathroom mirror.

Message on the mirror

Or if you shower first, write a little love note on the mirror mist.

11. Blow up balloons with love messages inside

Balloons in the room for valentines day

Write "I love you because ..." notes and put them in balloons.

Inflate the balloons, and place them all over the room so that your Valentine (e) pops them one by one with a needle and discovers each message. If you are looking for balloons, we recommend these.

12. Give a beautiful cheap bouquet of flowers

Buying flowers at the supermarket is cheaper

The trick to giving a beautiful, inexpensive bouquet of flowers is simple but takes a little planning.

Order the bouquet from the florist in advance and pay at the same time.

Why ? Because the closer we get to February 14, the more florists tend to increase the prices of bouquets.

Another money saving tip is to make a group purchase with friends and order all at the same time from the same florist.

The florist may offer you a group price. In both cases, it is important not to wait until the last moment.

Last tip, if you do not have time to anticipate the purchase of flowers: instead of going to the florist, go for a trip to the supermarket.

Yes, we don't necessarily think about it, but supermarkets are certainly the best place to buy a cheap bouquet of flowers.

It is often cheaper than florists and cheaper than on the Internet.

13. Take your Valentine to dance in a romantic place

Dance in the woods for valentine's day

Take a little radio and take your Valentine (e) to dance in a romantic place such as in the woods, on the edge of the river or the sea.

14. Relive your first date

Romantic date valentine's day

What did you do on your very first date? Do it again.

15. Put a love note in your Valentine's pocket

Put a love note in your pocket

In the morning, put a love note in your Valentine's pocket or in another place where it will inevitably be discovered during the day.

For example, you can write: “Can't wait to hug you tonight!”, “You make me happy every day”, “I'm very lucky to have you to myself”.


And there you have it, you now have plenty of ideas to please your sweetheart without breaking the bank :-)

Your turn...

Did you choose one of these ideas or another? Tell us in the comments that they are your cheap and easy ideas for Valentine's Day. We can't wait to hear from you!

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