3 Simple and Effective Tips To Firm Your Breast.

Do you want to have a firm and toned breast?

After 50 years, following weight loss or pregnancy, women's breasts are not spared ...

But no need to resort to cosmetic surgery or buy an overpriced firming cream!

here is 3 effective and economical tips to firm and lift your chest. Look :

Natural and economical tips to have a beautiful, firm and toned breast

Cold water, massage with essential oils, exercises ... With these natural tips, having a beautiful toned breast is simple ... and inexpensive. Look :

1. Use this natural face lift with an ice cube

tip to firm breasts naturally

How to do

1. Take a shower.

2. Dry your skin well.

3. Take an ice cube.

4. Start at the base of your breast.

5. With the ice cube, massage your breasts.

6. Gently climb up to the neck.

7. Make small movements in circles.

8. Repeat on the other breast.

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2. Do this exercise to have a firmer chest.


How to do

1. The sweater: lying on your back with your legs bent and your feet flat on the floor. Extend your arms above you, holding the bottle in your hand. Take a deep breath, thentilt the outstretched arms back, until the bottom of the bottle touches the ground. Go up while blowing.

2. The wall press: seated against a wall, back and head resting against the wall, legs stretched to the floor. The hands are against the shoulders and touch the wall. The elbows touch the wall as well. Inhale then raise the hands towards the ceiling while extending the arms, while blowing.

3. Pumps on the knees: facing the ground, arms outstretched and resting on the knees. The thighs and the trunk form a straight line.Inhale. Bend your arms, elbows to your sides, to touch your chest to the floor. Extend your arms while blowing to find the starting position.

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3. Do this massage with olive oil + lemon balm essential oil

how to firm chest easily

How to do

1. Take olive oil.

2. Pour some in the palm of your hand.

3. Add 2 drops of lemon balm essential oil.

4. Rub your hands to mix.

5. Massage your chest with this mixture once a day.

Discover the trick here.

Your turn...

And you, what is your favorite trick? Tell us in the comments. We can't wait to hear from you!

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