6 virtues of pollen that NOBODY Knows.

Did you know that pollen is the male seed of flowers and certain plants?

It is made up of "small grains" which, carried by the wind, will fertilize the female flowers.

It is the main source of protein for bees. The bees collect it with their feet, forming a "reserve" in the form of small balls.

The pollen is then partly recovered by the beekeeper (10% maximum so as not to dig into the vital reserves of the hive).

This explains the rarity and the cost of this product. The pollen is then sorted, dried naturally or frozen.

virtues of stimulating pollen, memory, prostate, vitamin D

Know that it is important to difference between volatile pollen which is carried by the wind, which causes respiratory allergies, and thepollen collected by bees called entomophilic pollen.

Indeed, the latter has only benefits for your health! To show you this, here are the 6 benefits of pollen that no one knows about:

The virtues of pollen

1. An exceptional stimulant and invigorating. The pollen gives a generalized boost and boosts intellectual capacities.

It is recommended for people who are depressed, recovering or with appetite problems.

2. A natural regulator. Pollen has a generalized action on the metabolism.

It helps to regulate small daily worries such as: constipation, heavy legs, soft and brittle nails, hair loss, eye fatigue.

3. A remedy for deficiencies. It acts to fill the deficiencies due to the growth, the menopause, the pregnancy, the old age.

Ideal for athletes during periods of intense training. Or for students during exams, because the pollen stimulates intellectual capacities.

4. A natural supply of vitamin D. Pollen is rich in vitamin D and calcium, which are ideal for fighting osteoporosis.

5. Help against the prostate. Components of pollen like rutin and betasitosterol are beneficial against prostate problems.

6. A recognized cosmetic product. Pollen is often used in organic or "homemade" cosmetics.

It softens sensitive skin and gives vitality to fragile or tired skin.

The composition of pollen

What is the composition of pollen

Pollen is completely natural and contains nutrients that are very beneficial for the body.

The ancients have always considered it the best and richest of all dietary supplements.

Pollen is:

- 20% protein.

- 8 amino acids essential for the functioning of the human body.

- B vitamins (in significant quantities).

- vitamins A, C, D and E.

- trace foods: iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium.

- rutin (excellent for the cardiovascular system)

Pollen is also very rich in selenium. Selenium is known to help fight certain cancers.


Anyone can consume it (even children and pregnant women) because it is completely natural and without contraindications.

However, it can cause a slight stomach ache (or mild diarrhea). In this case, it indicates that the dose is too strong for your body. It will suffice to reduce it.

What if we are allergic to pollen, can we eat it? Well YES, no problem!

As indicated in the introduction, we must differentiate between the volatile pollen which is carried by the wind, which causes respiratory allergies, and the pollen collected by bees called entomophilic pollen.

The latter only has health and beauty benefits!

If ever, while consuming entomophilic pollen, you notice the appearance of small patches on your skin, simply stop your treatment and everything will return to normal.

How to choose the right pollen

- Dry pollen is the most common. It is in the form of balls, capsules or powder.

It is easier to keep than fresh pollen as long as it is stored in a dry place. We recommend this pollen from Provence.

- Fresh pollen is sold frozen in some organic stores. It thaws and refreezes easily. Once thawed, you can keep it for ten days in the fridge.

Fresh pollen retains all of its qualities and vitamins. Its taste is moreover sweeter.

- Propolis and royal jelly. Pollen is found in other products like honey, propolis, royal jelly. The pollen content is different depending on the product. Just take a good look at the labels and choose your product according to your needs.

- Monofloral or multi-flower? Pollen is monofloral if it comes from a single variety of flowers. Otherwise, it is multi-flowered. Chestnut pollen is recommended for combating stress or depression. It also regulates transit.

Willow pollen is recommended to stimulate vision or treat prostate problems. Poppy pollen promotes memory and protects the nervous system.

How to do a pollen cure

why do a pollen cure

Whether as an attack cure or a maintenance cure, you can take pollen all year round.

In treatment of attack. Choose the pollen based on the problem you want to treat.

Take 2 tbsp well rounded with pollen in balls each morning.

Repeat this operation for 2 to 3 months. For children, reduce the dose to 2 teaspoons.

In maintenance treatment. At each change of season, it is recommended to make a cure of 6 weeks.

Take 1 tbsp well rounded for an adult each morning (1 rounded teaspoon for a child.)

If you are using pollen extract, be sure to check the leaflet provided because the doses may vary from one brand to another depending on the pollen concentration.


There you go, you now know the benefits of pollen :-)

Additional advice

You have to chew the pollen well so that it releases all its benefits little by little.

You can also dilute it in fresh fruit juice, honey or yogurt. You can sprinkle it on your cereal, or on a toast.

If you can't stand the taste of pollen, take it in capsule form.

Pollen is sometimes difficult to digest. In this case, dilute it in a fruit juice in the evening. The next day, drink the juice. The pollen will have had time to rehydrate and will be less aggressive for your intestines.

Your turn...

Have you ever tested for pollen in your diet? Are you like us convinced by its virtues? Tell us in the comments. We can't wait to hear from you!

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