7 kinds of fish you shouldn't eat anymore.

We all believe that eating fish is good for you.

Unfortunately, today this is no longer really the case.

Indeed, because of water pollution and the practices of some breeders ...

... eating fish is no longer really good for your health!

here is 9 kinds of fish you should never eat again. Look :

1. Catfish

Avoid eating catfish because it contains lots of toxic products

To speed up the growth of catfish, many fish breeders give them hormones. This is especially true for fish imported from Asian countries. Free-range catfish are less harmful to health and have better nutritional value. Unfortunately, they are very difficult to find in fishmongers ...

2. Mackerel

Mackerel is a fish to avoid because it contains mercury

Mackerel contains mercury which is not eliminated but accumulated in the human body, causing various serious diseases. If you must eat it, choose Atlantic mackerel that does not contain it instead.

3. Tuna

Avoid eating tuna because it is a fish that contains mercury

Tuna contains a lot of mercury, especially yellowfin tuna and bluefin tuna. The vast majority of commercially sold tuna, including canned ones, come from farms where they are fed antibiotics and hormones. Avoid to maintain good health!

4. Tilapia

Avoid eating tilapia because it is too oily fish

Tilapia contains virtually no healthy fatty acids. On the other hand, the concentration of bad fats is almost as high as in bacon. Excessive consumption of this fish increases cholesterol levels and makes the body more sensitive to allergens.

5. Eel

Avoid eating eel because it is a fish that absorbs industrial waste in the water

Eels contain a lot of fat, which makes them a fish that easily absorbs industrial and agricultural wastes from water. It is often found on sushi. Eels are also known to be contaminated with large amounts of mercury.

6. Pangasius

Avoid eating pangasius because it is full of toxic products

Most of the pangasius on display comes from Vietnam, especially the Mekong River. Unfortunately, this river is one of the most polluted rivers in the world. In addition, the pangasius fillet contains a high level of nitrofurazone and polyphosphates which are carcinogenic.

7. Bar

Avoid eating sea bass as it contains mercury

Despite its high price, sea bass also contains a large amount of mercury. You should also know that when it is served as a fillet in restaurants, it is not uncommon for you to be served pangasius or another cheaper fish instead ...

5 other fish to avoid

To avoid mercury which is dangerous to health, it is also better to avoid walleye, pike, lake trout, bass and muskellunge

Like tuna, larger fish like swordfish also tend to be high in mercury. Because swordfish are a large predatory fish, they consume other smaller fish which are also contaminated with mercury.

If you want to avoid mercury on your plate, opt for smaller fish such as sardines, sole and trout which contain the lowest levels of mercury.

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