Coffee grounds for plants? A Great Tip from Grandma.

Coffee grounds are a bit like our favorite economic product in the editorial staff of

It must be said that its benefits are numerous.

Useful everywhere, today we offer you a great grandmother's trick to use it on your green plants.

Frankly, there is no more economical. If we didn't use it, it would end up in the trash, and yet it's crazy all the virtues it has.

So here's how to use coffee grounds for plants.

coffee grounds are a fertilizer for green plants

1. Coffee grounds as fertilizer

To enrich the soil of our gardens or that of our potted plants, we make a mixture with 1 part of marc for 5 of earth (or potting soil). Or we sprinkle it around the feet of plants. So, when watering, all the nutrients will go down to the roots.

It is very rich in nitrogen which promotes plant growth.

It is concentrated in potassium and phosphorus. It is an excellent fortifier but it also contributes to a better development of the roots.

It is therefore a source of nutrients non-negligible containing the molecules N (nitrogen) P (potassium) and K (phosphorus).

Indispensable in gardening, they make it possible to have stronger, more productive and more beautiful plants. Our plants will love it.

2. Coffee grounds as a repellant

It is said that midges, ants, flies and other nematodes (variety of worms) fear coffee grounds. So, we do not hesitate to put it on the ground near our plantations or at the foot of indoor plants.

3. Coffee grounds in the compost

Of course, it also finds its place in our compost bin at the back of the garden. It acts as an accelerator in activating the compost.

Be careful, however, too much marc, and this will inhibit the growth of the latter. To be used sparingly therefore!

You will find on the site different uses of coffee grounds, and the method to preserve it without it rotting.

Your turn...

Have you tried this grandma's trick for growing plants? Tell us in the comments if it was effective for your plants. We can't wait to hear from you!

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